Asking God to Change Us – ETB #146

I spend time every year journaling and reflecting on the previous year. I have mixed feelings going into 2023, but I want to see this new year in the way that God wants me to see it. What if we chose to ask God to change us when we encounter challenges and struggles?

Asking God to Change Us - ETB #146

The holidays are not always sunshine and roses. Some of us emerged hurt and feeling rejected. You know, even Jesus experienced rejection. He knows this pain! Some of us are dealing with isolation and loneliness. Whatever the struggle, we need to ask God several questions:

  • What do You want me to learn from this trial?
  • What is it that I can do in this situation?

As I reflected on the last few months of my life, I realized how much I have had to let go of. I had to let go of my expectations of others. I have to give up my expectations of what I hoped would happen in certain circumstances. I was recently inspired by reading Lysa TerKeurst’s book Good Boundaries and Goodbyes to share these thoughts with you:

  • Don’t get stuck in trauma situations.
  • We can’t change others.
  • We need God to change us.

We are not capable of changing others. We can’t change our kids. We can’t change our spouse. Only the Lord can change someone else and we can be diligent in praying for that change, but a better focus is changing ourselves. At the same time, really only God can change us at a deeper level too. We need to be asking God to change us.

Lord, please change me!

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Asking God to Change Us - ETB #146