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Lessons from Mary and Martha This Christmas Season

Christmas can be a crazy time of the year. Parties, commitments, ministry many things we can be involved it. How many times do we look back when the season is over and wonder, "Where did the time go?" We want to keep Christ as the center of the...

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Advent for Busy Moms

Advent means the arrival of a notable person or event. Becoming a mother brought the advent of a child, unique and bearing the fingerprint of God, who would change how we walked the path of this life. It's a glorious reflection of that fingerprint, in the heart of...

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Siblings Enjoy the College Experience Together

Parent's and student often discuss the college experience when trying to decide what college to attend. Eleven years ago when our first child began college, we had no idea that all of his siblings would end up attending the same university once they graduated high...

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A Note from Teen to Parent

I don’t mean to always argue with you. Honest, I don’t. I know you think I'm rebellious. I’m not; I’m just trying to be me. The problem is, I don’t know who I am right now. That’s why I wrote you this note. I can’t tell you this face-to-face because I love you too...

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7 Ways to Prepare Your Teen to Move Out

There comes a time when your teen grows up and moves out. They might be leaving for college, to live with some friends, to get married, or to learn how to manage life on their own. Regardless of the reason parents can strengthen the relationship by preparing them for...

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What Teens Need Most

What Do Teens Need Most? When your toddlers fell into a big mud puddle or intentionally filled their overalls with mud pies, how did you respond? Was there was a smile of disbelief or a look of horror as they climbed into your freshly cleaned van? No matter how hard...

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5 Secrets to Homeschooling with Success

5 Secrets to Homeschooling with Success School is in full swing! For some of you bad attitudes, resistance and discouragement have already derailed your well thought out schedule. It’s okay. Those days do happen. Especially when you begin the new school year. By...

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Tragedies Birth Resilience

Tragedies birth resilience in your life. In an instant a perfectly beautiful day can turn into an "inferno" you must survive. The day was beautiful. One of those typical bright sunny Florida days. I sat watching the wake from the boat propellers as we headed back to...

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Life Giving Hope

With one phone call your life can change. Would you be ready? The phone rang during work hours. “Hello, Connie. Your mom is in the hospital.” I sat in silence. Suddenly nothing matter but getting to her. I shut down my computer, packed an overnight bag, and made the...

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Teach Your Children Well

Teach your children well. This statement is something a parent hears many times. I sure did. When you are in the middle of raising children, building a family and managing a busy life it is hard to know if what you are focused on is really going to matter. Or if you...

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2014 FPEA Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

2014 FPEA Homeschool Graduation Ceremony in Central Florida at the beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort. Why was I honored to speak before the excited gathering of 6,500 attendees? It allowed me to pay tribute to parents and graduates who completed their homeschool journey...

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Casting The Vision For A New Year

A new year! One of my favorite things about beginning a new year, is the chance for a fresh start. A time to reflect on the past and begin casting a vision for a new year. This allows you to look forward to what the next year might bring. New Year’s resolutions abound...

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