Lessons from Mary and Martha This Christmas Season

Christmas can be a crazy time of the year. Parties, commitments, ministry opportunities…so many things we can be involved it. How many times do we look back when the season is over and wonder, “Where did the time go?” We want to keep Christ as the center of the season, but we so often get distracted from doing the very thing we desire the most.

Living in a World of Distraction

Our world is full of distractions—full of things that keep us from focusing on what’s most important. We often choose to spend time on the good while neglecting the best. But this isn’t a new problem, as we see with our friend Martha.


Advent for Busy Moms

Advent means the arrival of a notable person or event.

Becoming a mother brought the advent of a child, unique and bearing the fingerprint of God, who would change how we walked the path of this life.

It’s a glorious reflection of that fingerprint, in the heart of each child and very much present in ourselves, that draws us into the Advent season. Remembering how our Savior, humble in His arrival, was born to a very young, inexperienced but totally obedient mother who could only marvel at that path which had been put before her. Immanuel – God with us, quietly resting against His mother. The Savior of the world with only a manger for a bed.


Siblings Enjoy the College Experience Together

Parent’s and student often discuss the college experience when trying to decide what college to attend.

Eleven years ago when our first child began college, we had no idea that all of his siblings would end up attending the same university once they graduated high school. We never talked about it, but God was writing a story through their decisions.

When our last child graduated from the University of Central Florida, they all felt a sense of closeness having shared this season of life together. As Jeannie said, “It was an extension of our home.” Out of the eleven consecutive years of having kids in college, we realized nine of them consisted of 2-3 attending together. The opportunity to foster fun memories was easier when they are all sharing similar events.


A Note from Teen to Parent

Parenting teens can be a struggle at times. This is a real look at what teens want to express to their parents. Find more parenting encouragement at ConnieAllbers.com

I don’t mean to always argue with you. Honest, I don’t. I know you think I’m rebellious. I’m not; I’m just trying to be me. The problem is, I don’t know who I am right now. That’s why I wrote you this note.

I can’t tell you this face-to-face because I love you too much and don’t want to hurt your feelings. I can’t bear to see your eyes tear up when I try to tell you how I feel. It makes it harder for me to talk. So I shut down.

I love you, Mom. Oh, I know you can’t tell by the way I act, but I really do.


7 Ways to Prepare Your Teen to Move Out

7 Ways to Prepare Your Teen to Move Out. ConnieAlbers.com

There comes a time when your teen grows up and moves out. They might be leaving for college, to live with some friends, to get married, or to learn how to manage life on their own. Regardless of the reason parents can strengthen the relationship by preparing them for that day during the teen years.

At a recent speaking engagement I was asked what we did to prepare our teens for life on their own. I had to think about that for a few minutes. I began by reminding the parents that moving out is a normal part of the growing up process. It might be difficult to pack them up and send them on their way, but it will be okay.

That got me thinking, I should share them with you as well. So I put together 7 practical ideas we have used over the years to prepare our children for the day they would move out on their own.