Question Based Education

Parents, it’s time to transition from a knowledge-based to a question-based education. In the past, knowledge was deemed paramount— the more information one possessed, the better. However, with the advent of AI, the educational landscape has shifted. Now, our children must acquire the skills to swiftly locate information and master the art of asking insightful questions.

Joining me for this crucial discussion is my friend, Jonathan Brush. Together, we will delve into topics such as measuring recall, nurturing curiosity, and honing the ability to pose thought-provoking questions.

Question Based Education with Jonathan Brush ETB 199

The era where stuffing your head with knowledge held great value is now a thing of the past. Simply reading vast amounts of information used to be the pathway to improvement. However, the dynamics of learning have shifted, and our children require a fresh approach to swiftly acquiring knowledge. It’s crucial to instill in them the significance of asking the right questions and understanding that failure is not a final setback.

While learning remains a vital aspect, the focus has changed to the ability to promptly access the necessary information.

I’m curious to hear about the strategies you’re using to prepare your children for the future. How are you guiding them in embracing the importance of asking thought-provoking questions and navigating through the learning process with resilience?

About Jonathan Brush

Jonathan Brush is the President and CEO of Unbound, a project based higher education company. Unbound prepares high school students for the real world and offers a complete alternative to traditional college, combining education with real-life experiences and comprehensive leadership training. Jonathan speaks at events and conferences around the country about family, young adults, and education. He and his wife have eight children and live in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, which, in their opinion, is the best place on earth.

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Question Based Education