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Create A Rich Relationship With Your Teen

Parenting a teen can be exasperating. It’s an immense privilege and a daunting responsibility to prepare a child for adulthood. Your masterpiece-in-the-making craves independence while desperately (and sometimes secretly) needing you to guide his or her unique strengths, talents, and personality.

Many parents only offer rules that may have worked better at younger ages. Now more than ever, your teen needs you time, heart, conversations, and love.

In Parenting beyond the Rules, discover how to paint a canvas that will be enjoyed over a lifetime: a relationship with your unique and wonderful teen. Are you ready to pick up your brush with confidence?

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My parenting guru, back in my day, was Dr. James Dobson. Today, it should be Connie Albers. I’m telling you Parenting Beyond the Rules: Raising Teens with Confidence and Joy helping them to be all they can be in Christ. I know you will want to read her book.

Barbara Beck

– Host of Welcome Home

“Connie – thank you so much for making the trip here to Burlington to share your story and your terrific book with us and our viewers!  The interview went so well and you, like Maggie said, were a pro! You were able to get out so much great content in the time we had with you.  Thank you!”

100 Huntley Street

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“I’ve read so many parenting books with lofty ideals that at the end left me asking, “Yeah, but HOW do I make that happen?” Finally, here’s a book that takes rock-solid theories and principles and offers tangible ways to apply to real life. And the end result promises the hope of having well-functioning kids with fantastic relationships. Boom! Albers wrote in such a way to draw the reader in with good stories, examples, facts and statistics, and humor with winsome words to encourage and direct parents of all ages. This book is good for those with 9 and 10 year-olds, but would also be good for new parents, parents of toddlers and even grandparents. Buy several and plan to share. (I bought 4)”

The Smiths

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“This is a must have parenting resource that I will be referring back to many, many times over the upcoming years as my oldest of 4 is just on the cusp of her teenage years. Connie offers practical advice on how to connect with your teenager on a heart level. She encourages parents to be great listeners and to parent each unique child uniquely in the way that best prepares them for the life God has planned for them. Connie urges parents to bend the rules as needed to protect the heart relationship because that is where connection and trust are formed. If we have our child’s heart, we have influence over them. I love how she uses “painting pictures of possibilities” to describe parenting and that our children are each a unique masterpiece.”


Amazon success shout out

“This magnificent book is a toolbox for every teacher, coach, mentor, parent, future parent, and veteran parent of teens seeking to raise well-rounded teens and restore core values in today’s society. The wise advise found in this book equips the reader to handle different situations of the teenage years in a productive and respectful way. Each chapter builds character, promotes healthy relationships with teens, and guides the reader on the “How to” resolve common matters with teenagers. The book carefully delineates the world of our teens today; and, offers key questions at the end of each chapter that unlock a new level of trust, confidence, and understanding about this stage of life.

Reading this book was like eating an exquisite dinner prepared by a top-chef with prime ingredients; you will keep coming back to its pages for more of Connie’s expertise!”

Homeschooler Mom


“Parenting is hard. Parenting teens in this culture can be downright overwhelming. I’m grateful for wise guides like Connie Albers. Parenting beyond the Rules has a terrific mix of stories, down-to-earth practical advice, and tools for self-evaluation, all given without losing what’s ultimately important.

John Stonestreet

president of the Colson Center and coauthor of A Practical Guide to Culture

“In a world where parents struggle to prioritize their families over many pressures, Connie Albers is a breath of fresh air. Parenting beyond the Rules is a must-read for every parent who desires a lifelong relationship with their child. Having raised her own five children to adulthood, Connie offers parents more than just anecdotal encouragement; she equips them to understand and engage with their teen every step of the way. The teen years can be some of the best years of parenting. Connie will show you how to get the most out of them.

Heidi St. John

Mother of seven, author of Becoming MomStrong, speaker and founder of MomStrong International

“As the father of four and an educator, I admire anyone who focuses time and energy on making life better for teens and their parents. Connie Albers has taken on the ever-challenging topic of parenting teens with experience, grace, and wisdom. Connie deeply understands that parenting moves from authority to influence, rooted in a relationship that must be intentionally nurtured. This volume is a wonderful contribution and is a must-read for any parent who wants more!”
Paul J. Maurer, Ph.D

president of Montreat College


Ranked #1 in Amazon in Parenting Teenagers: “Parenting Beyond The Rules” by Connie Albers

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