Teaching Kids Not to Quit – ETB #139

In the episode last week, I talked about resting vs quitting. So many of you contacted me asking about kids who have a tendency to give up on something too soon. How do you go about teaching kids not to quit?

Teaching Kids Not to Quit - ETB #139

It’s really important to know each of your children as individuals. There tend to be a few basic reasons that kids want to quit and the way you go about helping and encouraging kids is very different.

There are kids who don’t have the words to express their frustration. They don’t have the works they need to articulate themselves and they tend to storm off.

Other kids just don’t even try because they are afraid of failing. These kids tend to be perfectionistic and that is paralyzing to these kids.

But there are also kids who avoid conflict and disharmony. For this type of children, they are trying to avoid the disapproving looks

Do you know which type of child you are dealing with?

How To Teach Your Child Not to Quit

It’s important as parents to help develop in our kids the character quality of perservence. but each of these three types of kids are going to need slightly different help, attention, and words to overcome the desire to quit.

Each of your children is uniquely created by a Master designer who fearfully and wonderfully made them. Consider some of these things as you determine how to best encourage and come alongside your child.

  • You need to look at them as one of a kind.
  • Watch your words and avoid pat answers.
  • Sometimes a pause is needed to consider and think about something.
  • Sometimes more maturity is needed before pressing through on a particular task or activity.
  • Set realistic expectations for the child.
  • Remind your kids that they are growing up, but not yet grown up.
  • Reassure your kids that you struggle with these issues at times too.
  • Encourage your child to try new things.
  • Learn the strengths and weakness of each of your children.
  • Help your child take their thoughts captive.
  • Remind your child to do their best rather than strive for perfect.

Each of your children is different, but you are just the parent they need to become who God has created them to be!

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Teaching Kids Not to Quit - ETB #139