Raising Christian Kids with Lee Ann Mancini – ETB #135

It’s a scary world out there. Humanistic culture is trying to take your kids and instill in them a worldview contrary to our biblical worldview. This week, Lee Ann Mancini is with me on the podcast talking about raising Christian kids and fighting against this evil worldview.

Raising Christian Kids with Lee Ann Mancini - ETB #135

Lee Ann and I had a great conversation about her ministry and resources. We talked about:

  • The story behind Lee Ann’s children’s books and the Sea Kids show
  • The basic principles that we want to teach to our kids
  • Teaching kids the what and the why of faith in everyday life
  • Teaching teenagers that they have privileges, not rights
  • Not being a wishy-washy parent
  • Teaching kids to have hope

Be sure to visit Lee Ann’s website and other resources listed below!

About Lee Ann Mancini

Lee Ann Mancini hosts the award-winning podcast, Raising Christian Kids, which can be found on all major platforms. The Raising Christian Kids podcast is a ten-to-fifteen-minute podcast that equips and empowers ministry leaders, parents, grandparents, teachers, and all raising the next generation to have a strong foundation in Jesus.

Lee Ann is also an award-winning Christian children’s author and executive producer of the animation series Sea Kids, which can be viewed on Answers.TV, Pure Flix, Right Now Media, and SeaKidsTV.

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Raising Christian Kids with Lee Ann Mancini - ETB #135