You Can Overcome the Character Crisis – ETB #65

Do you see what I’m seeing? Parents and leaders across the country are noticing the character crisis permeating our communities. Lying, marginalizing, undermining, and spreading partial truths all seem okay now. Are they? Not according to God’s standards!

You Can Overcome the Character Crisis - ETB #65

The character crisis we see on display doesn’t mean we should partake. Actually, we need to do just the opposite. We need to be more diligent in living a life of integrity. The ends don’t justify the means. Never have, never will.

As a believer, our behavior should be a reflection of what we know to be true. God puts a great emphasis on character.

“Don’t do anything today that you will have to lie about tomorrow.”

When we choose to live a life pleasing to God, we don’t need to lie, practice shady business deals, tell falsehoods about others.

Overcome the Character Crisis

Here are three points to ponder about how you can overcome the character crisis in your community:

  1. Do the right thing even if others don’t. Don’t do what others do if it doesn’t align with God’s Word. Teach your children it takes intentionality to live a life of integrity. You can help your children learn to have discernment and avoid others who lack wisdom.
  2. Being a person of character and integrity might cause others to mock you. That’s not your problem. Teaching your children not to fear being ridiculed for doing what is right will serve them well throughout their lives. I know it can be hard for some of your children, especially if they are people pleasers. But helping them learn to be God pleasers, not people pleasers, is a critical aspect of raising children.
  3. You are not responsible for what others do or say. You and your children are responsible for your actions! Others will do what they do, but your family must choose a different path. Remember Jesus was mocked. So, teaching your children to understand the difference between God pleaser and people pleaser will require consistent training.


  • God isn’t finished. The character crisis can be changed because of your actions.
  • God is still in control. He will guard and protect your family.
  • Don’t allow a lack of character in others make you rationalize a lack of character in your children or yourself.

You can change your community and overcome the lack of character around by choosing to live with integrity and character.

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You Can Overcome the Character Crisis - ETB #65