Stop Giving People Headspace – ETB #53

Do the words of others linger in your mind? You can hear them play over and over again. You want to erase their words, but you can’t get them out of your head. It’s because we’ve given people headspace. It’s like giving free rent in my head to others, and it has to stop.

Stop Giving People Headspace - ETB #53

Most people can remember a time when someone said something they couldn’t let go of:

  • You’re a jerk!
  • You’re no good at that!
  • You should give it up and try something else!

Those become haunting words that trigger emotions and attitudes, causing us to alter our behavior.

Allowing others to speak life-giving words to us is a good thing. Those are the words we want to linger in our minds, but giving headspace to the wrong person, who speaks untruths or faulty information, can be detrimental and derail our lives.

Stop Giving People Headspace

We have to stop allowing people to take up residency in our heads. By allowing someone to take up headspace, you permit them to influence your thoughts or beliefs about yourself.

It can happen to all of us if we don’t realize that what’s going on.

Be careful what you allow others to say about you to you. Not everything someone says to you is true about you! Let me repeat… not everything someone says to you about you is true!

How to Keep Someone from Getting into Your Head

  • Use God’s Word to replace untruths.
  • Examine our thought processes often. If you catch yourself dwelling on negative words, replace them with the truth. When we allow them to linger, they can derail, discourage, and defeat us.
  • Take your thoughts captive. If you start to doubt your ability, remember God has equipped you. He will lead you, and He will be with you.
  • Avoid people who are thoughtless with their words.

Bottom line: Don’t allow other people’s words to take up headspace. Stop giving people headspace!

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Stop Giving People Headspace - ETB #53