Walking Wisely Through Seasons of Grief – ETB #84

Grief is part of life. Death, loss, separation, trials, unmet needs, or unfulfilled expectations are a few things we find ourselves grieving over. How can you walk wisely through seasons of grief?

Walking Wisely Through Seasons of Grief - ETB #84

How we deal with grief can depend on our age, temperament, the ages of our children, faith or lack thereof, and the circumstances surrounding the situation. With all these factors to consider, walking through seasons of grief is a rather personal matter. How you process what you are feeling is unique to you.

Planning for Grief

By the time I had hit my late teens, I had survived a boat explosion, my parent’s divorce, abuse, abandonment, and betrayal. That is quite a lot for a child to endure, but I learned lessons through these events that would serve me well throughout my life. I learned that:

  • God had a plan.
  • Life will still go on.
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, if you choose not to get bitter.

We can’t plan for accidents or losses. Oh, I wish we could. We can’t count on friends to walk with us — though some will. We can’t expect our spouse to know what to do — though many do try. People won’t fully understand what you are going through — so don’t expect them to. That isn’t fair to others.

While we can’t plan what will come our way, but God does. He knows precisely what is coming and how He will make a way if you lean on Him. His ability to help you overcome and walk through dark times is unmatched! You can’t do it on your own. And you were never meant to either.

I’ve learned people don’t get to the other side of grief in the same way. How will you choose to walk through grief?

How to Walk Wisely Through Seasons of Grief

These are some things to hold onto as you walk through seasons of grief:

  • Discover the joy within the stop and go of life. 
  • Remember that the grieving process takes time. 
  • Keep in mind that seasons of grief shape you. 
  • Have patience. Transformation happens slowly. It’s doubtful you’ll see the change happening until you reflect back at a later time. But, if you walk through your season of grief well, you will be refined. 
  • See how God gives you a greater capacity to walk with others in their seasons of grief.

We all will suffer. Suffering is as much a part of life as joy and happiness. What you do with that grief and how you allow God to refine you during those seasons of grief are what will define you.

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Walking Wisely Through Seasons of Grief - ETB #84