How to Fight for Your Family: 3 Tips for Picking Your Battles – ETB #83

There are so many different crises vying for your attention these day. As hard as you might try, you can do it all. You can’t fight every battle at once. So, how do you pick the battle or battles that you will fight? How do you best fight for your family?

How to Fight for Your Family: 3 Tips for Picking Your Battles - ETB #83

Find a Focus

“The more crises, the better!” Don’t get caught up in that chaos. Pick one or two issues to focus on and then stay focused on those issues. Don’t get sidetracked by all that’s wrong in the world. You can’t fix it all and certainly not all at once. Plus, God isn’t asking you to fix it all! Focusing on too many things will wear you down, which is then likely to cause you to give up.

You are your child’s greatest influence!

Connie Albers

Know Your Season and Availability

There is a time for everything. (See Ecclesiastes 3:1-22.) Know your season and availability. Some seasons of your life won’t lend themselves to taking on anything beyond what you are currently doing. If that describes your situation, embrace the “not now.” On the other hand, if you have prayed over it and feel like you can add a couple of hours a week doing something from your home at night, then do just that with confidence. Your seasons will change as your children grow or responsibilities change over time.

Ask God to Prepare Others

Ask the Lord to prompt others to tackle areas you don’t have time be involved in right now. God can use others and their gifts and talents.

God used David, a couple of sticks, and five stones to fight Goliath in the Old Testament. David didn’t try to take on the whole army at once. He focused on one single battle – defeating Goliath. Where should your focus be right now? What is your Goliath? How will you best fight for your family with the time and talents God has given to you?

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How to Fight for Your Family: 3 Tips for Picking Your Battles - ETB #83