How Grandparents Can Support Their Homeschool Grandkids – ETB #127

As a parent, it can be a tricky balance to decide how much to share or not to share with your parents about your homeschooling journey. You may have parents who are supportive or you may have parents who are not supportive of your schooling choice. I’ve had both experiences. Grandparents can be a great support for their homeschool grandkids if they make intentional choices.

How Grandparents Can Support Their Homeschool Grandkids - ETB #127

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I want to encourage you to be sure to share and include those grandparents who are not totally on board with your choices but share with discretion. Don’t cut them out of what’s going on, but I wouldn’t share all my failures with them either! My mother-in-law was never against our choice to homeschool, but she wasn’t fully on board either. We still included in our homeschool journey. I’m so thankful on the other side to have had a mom who was very supportive of her homeschool grandkids with both her time and her finances. She made herself available anytime she could to be helpful and generous.

But, in this episode, I want to talk directly to those of you who are grandparents of homeschool grandkids. There are so many things that you can do to support your homeschool grandkids! (And if you’re a mentor or Auntie or something like that, you can be a support for the homeschool kids in your life too!)

Ideas for Supporting Your Homeschool Grandkids

Here’s a list of ideas that I unpack and give examples for in this episode:

  • Ask how you can help
  • Take care of the littles while Mom is working with the older kids
  • Run older kids to activities
  • Send gift cards or care packages of supplies
  • Send encouraging text messages to your kids
  • Send encouraging text messages to your grandkids
  • Pray for your kids
  • Pray for your grandkids
  • Tell your grandkids how great their parents are

Grandparents, what do you want your grandkids to remember about you? I hope that their memories are things like Grandpa took me to practice and out for ice cream or Grandma was there to play with me when I was little. You may not like every decision that your children make with your grandkids, but I challenge you to pray and ask that God change your heart. Your children love your grandchildren even more than you do and they need you to support their decisions.

What change or addition can you make this school year to support your homeschool grandkids?

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How Grandparents Can Support Their Homeschool Grandkids - ETB #127