Make Homeschooling Easy with Lea Ann Garfias – ETB #59

Homeschooling is too hard! Where do I start? I could never do that! Are common questions parents ask when considering if they should homeschool their children.

Make Homeschool Easy

I frequently thought, “I’m not qualified to teach my kids. I don’t have a teaching degree. I don’t know phonics or Physics.” The cool part is I didn’t need any of those to homeschool. I needed the Lord to lead me, a willing heart, a desire to figure it, and the resolve to stick with it. And, my friend, that’s what you need too! You don’t have to have a degree to teach you children either.

Homeschoolers have a proven track record of successfully homeschooling their children.

Make Homeschooling Easy!

The one tool you should have is Everything You Need to Know about Homeschooling: A Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use Guide for the Journey from Early Learning through Graduation by Lea Ann Garfias. Lea Ann created a complete reference guide to help you with everything you need to successfully tackle homeschooling in your own style, filling your experience with confidence, grace, and the joy of learning.

Homeschooling is an educational option worth serious consideration. Don’t let fear or doubt stop you from embracing the homeschool lifestyle.

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be hard! It can be made easy with the right tools.

About Lea Ann Garfias

Lea Ann Garfias is a homeschool graduate, a homeschooling mother of six, and the author of four books, including three on homeschooling. She and her husband, David, live in Dallas, Texas. Besides “author,” she holds the titles of “professional violinist,” “French-press owner,” and “friend.”

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Make Homeschooling Easy with Lea Ann Garfias - ETB #59