How to Transition from School to Homeschool – ETB #23

Where is your child going to school? Will it be public, private, or homeschool? You aren’t alone. Millions of parents are making hard decisions back-to-school plans. Are you struggling with the transition from school to homeschool? In this episode, I share what I’ve learned from being in the education field for thirty years. If homeschool is your choice, this episode is for you!

How to Transition from School to Homeschool - ETB #23

The public school system was designed to teach the masses. It was not designed to meet the individual needs for your child. Homeschooling allows education to be unique to your family and each of your children. A teacher is the international baccalaureate program explained to me that she has to teach to the middle, which is to the detriment of the struggling and the gifted learners.

Have you heard the drive for quality education? Quality education for every child is the goal for public school. That’s not what I wanted for my kids. I want a superior education for my children!

If you were doing school at home during the pandemic, you’ll find that homeschooling is very different. You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to homeschool. If you’re choosing to transition from school to homeschool this year, here are my tips for you.

Considerations for Each Grade Span

Elementary School

Keep a loose, flexible schedule, but do develop a rhythm or routine so your child knows what to expect. Kids at this age do not need to sit in their seat for 8 hours a day. A couple of hours is usually sufficient. A mixture of activities and seat work during their day works best for little learners. At this age it’s really about learning to love learning. Be sure to manage your expectations and refrain from copying the public school where they are working with 30 kids at a time.

Middle School

This age group is all about a slow transition into time-management and longer periods of learning. Creating reasonable routines is essential. Hormones are kicking in and changing. Their brain development is increasing especially in logic and reasoning skills. This is a great time to do brain benders and riddles. There is still freedom to pivot and a need for flexibility. Change as needed to cultivate creativity, adventure, exploration, and innovation. Children are born curious and the goal is the kelp them retain that curiosity.

High School

As you move into high school the goal is to Increase independent learning and self-management skills. Students need life skills training at this age. How is your child wired? What is your child interested in? You get to develop a plan to meets those needs and interests. Your student needs a teacher to teach new concepts and skills, but learning to learn is still critical during these years.

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How to Transition from School to Homeschool - ETB #23