Seize the Passion

Seize the passion in your children. Grow and foster their loves, their passions, their interests. Encourage their God given talents.

The focus during your child’s teen years needs to be helping them find their strengths, gifts, and passion.  Thankfully, homeschooling allows time for this.  After all, real homeschooling is all about seizing the teachable moments with your child.

My daughter had a love for cooking and plate presentation.  So, I had an idea during her senior year of high school.  We gave a portion of the family food budget to her so she could plan a menu of her choice and prepare the meals she desired.  It was never a forced requirement; I didn’t want to kill the passion she was developing.


When “Picture Perfect” Isn’t So… Perfect

When picture perfect isn't so perfect.  There is no perfect family.

Oh not again!  Your eyes begin to fill with tears.  You want to dry them up but the emotions are just too strong this time.  That look, you know the one I’m talking about, that look from your once adoring child.  That teenager, who once thought you could do no wrong, now seems to only glare at you when you speak to them. You’ve stayed up late reading every blog or article you could find on being your child’s best friend.  Every morning you purpose to try the new approach you learned the night before.  You’re optimistic, surely this will work.  However, after several attempts your frustration builds, discouragement begins and you find yourself wanting to give up.

The mental dialogue begins.  I call it the blame game.  If you can just identify who has the problem then you could get some emotional relief.  All you want is for that sweet precious child to look and speak to you with that “I love you so much” attitude, the one you had enjoyed for so many years.  You talk to your friends thinking they will have the answer, you pray and cry out to God to make it better.  Nothing seems to be working. (more…)