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When “Picture Perfect” Isn’t So… Perfect

Oh not again!  Your eyes begin to fill with tears.  You want to dry them up but the emotions are just too strong this time.  That look, you know the one I’m talking about, that look from your once adoring child.  That teenager, who once thought you could do no wrong,...

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A Wise Woman Considers

When I read about the Proverbs 31 woman I see a life well lived. For many women, they interpret this passage as something that must be done all in one day or season.  Truth is, this describes a woman’s life in totality... not a day. Let’s begin by defining “consider.”...

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Is “Busy” Bad?

A friend once said, “Busy always seems to find you.” Does busy seem to find you, too? We hear, “Don’t be too busy now”, or “you’re too busy.”  These statements can cause inner turmoil for many.  How can someone know if you are too busy?  Could it be that we have...

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FAQs on Homeschooling

Many of you have friends or relatives that homeschool, and are perhaps considering it for your own family.  Allow me to assist you while I unpack some of the most common questions I am asked: 1)  What exactly is homeschooling? Home education, as defined by Florida...

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Virtual Classes

Parents who choose to homeschool their children may not realize all the opportunities they have at their disposal. One of the options our family took advantage of was the world of virtual classes, also known as online classes. When I began our homeschooling journey,...

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Uniquely Female

Women (like yourself, I presume) have always had to juggle many titles and positions.  The various roles we must fill, if not guarded and balanced, can cause us to lose a sense of who we are at our core: uniquely female.  Moms who choose to homeschool, a unique role...

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High School Transcripts vs. Portfolios

Understanding the difference between a high school portfolio and a transcript is important for homeschool moms. Let’s begin with defining the terms. Portfolio A portfolio may be required yearly by your state. Parents usually compile a list of subjects studied, books...

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Homeschooling: Recipe for Success

Many homeschool moms struggle with the fear that only a certified teacher is “qualified” to execute the task of teaching their children. I have known many women who have educated their children quite successfully without having a teaching degree.  The three...

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Beautifully Broken

Such an odd title, isn't it?  How can something be beautifully broken?  Broken: in pieces, not put together, and most importantly not perfect. The word broken conjures such sad, negative emotions. That is usually the case because we fail to see the beauty of how the...

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