A Woke World: What Should You Do? – ETB #108

Are you biting your nails a little more than usual lately? Are you flat-out irritated or angry about what you see happening around you? I’m right there with you! We’re living in a woke world. So, what should you do?

Whether it’s Disney, Florida Governor DeSantis signing the law to prevent early elementary-aged children from being taught about gender, or Will Smith and Chris Rock’s “slap heard ’round the world,” anyone with a microphone is trying to tell you how you should think or what you should do in response.

How are they supposed to know what you’re supposed to do?

You’re trying to raise children who love the Lord. I know you don’t have your head in the sand and you aren’t trying to pretend like nothing is happening all around you. You are probably getting flack from every direction for what you’re choosing to do… or not to do. I am too!

Run Your Race in a Woke World

My job and mission here at Equipped To Be and with my weekly episode on The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes is to equip you for the calling God has set before you. Your calling is different from my calling. Who am I to say that you’re not doing enough? We each need to do what God has called us to do. We need to run our own races.

What should we cling to in the midst life in a woke world? We focus on Scripture. We answer this question: Are we doing what God is telling us to do?

I’m asked a lot of questions about these hot topics. What am I going to do about these things? Well, it’s a personal decision that you and your family have to make. I can’t make that decision for you but, I will say this about consistency and follow-through: Will you cancel a product made in China or North Korea? What about countries that use slave labor to make products? TV stations? Movies? Social media and the companies that run these networks? The store where you buy your groceries? Are you looking into the practices of every company that you buy from or do business with? What did you do when everyone was running away from Target over their bathroom policies? Did you stop shopping there but then gradually start going back there again? What about football or concerts?

I’m not trying to make you feel bad in any way. People will give me flack for this, but, my job is to simply point you back to the Lord. That’s it. My opinion is just an opinion. I’m focused on building character. Are you building character in your children? Are you building relationships with them? You see, my gifting is in exhortation. I want to exhort you to good works. I know it feels like it’s harder to raise kids right now. Everything we’re facing is so blatant, but, look at it this way: Nothing is hidden now. It’s all in the open for you to see more clearly.

What has God called you to do? Are you supposed to be at the podium and shouting from the rooftops or are you quietly in the background sharing truth and providing a meal. If you are called to speak up, then speak up! If you’re called to live quietly, then do that to the best of your ability! Some of you are trying to make a difference from the inside of some of these companies. Run your race!

Model that you are following the Lord rather than following the latest boycott trend or fear scam. Be at peace with where God has you right now and be aware that place could change tomorrow. Step ahead and walk in accordance with how God is leading you. What you do will likely change as your children grow older and your family grows too. We consider everyone in our family and have family meetings to discuss these kinds of topics and decisions.

God Will Meet You There

Disney is not the first company nor will it be the last company that comes out to attack your values. If you need to cancel it, then do it. Cancel every bit of it. Be careful not to shame others who have made a different choice or are doing so quietly.

Whatever the hot button, headline issue of the day is, know that God is going to meet you there. He will lead you into the decision that you need to make as a family.

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A Woke World: What Should You Do? - ETB #108