Embracing Change in 2022 – ETB #95

A new year always brings some kind of change that must be embraced. And there have been so many changes in these last couple of years of disruption! Maybe you’re homeschooling or distance learning now, but you weren’t last year. Maybe you’re still working from home or maybe you’re transitioning back to the office. How do you adapt to these changes? Are you holding on to the One who can help you be stable in the midst of disruptions? Are you confident in the One who can help you with embracing change?

Embracing Change in 2022 - ETB #95

The rules of life seem to be constantly changing. How do you adapt without losing your focus or losing your why? To thrive and not just survive in 2022, it’s time to take a look at our thinking patterns of why we do what we do. Let’s walk through how you can embrace change this year.

List the Rules

Start by listing the rules that you have in your life and that of your home and family.

  • Why do you work the way you do?
  • Why do you have the curfew set that you do?
  • Why do you have the rules for your household that you do?
  • Other rules?

What is Not Working?

Make a list of things that you are struggling with in your family:

  • Are you struggling with sibling squabbles?
  • Is there a broken relationship?
  • Rules and practices that aren’t working?
  • Something else?

What Could Change?

Allow yourself to think outside of the box to make the relationships in your home better. Think about these kinds of things:

  • Why do you have the rules established the way that you do?
  • Do you need to pivot and adjust anything because of how the world has changed?
  • What if you had different thinking that still fit the narrative of what your family values are?
  • What if you tried something different?

Could you…

  • Listen more
  • Set new boundaries
  • Talk more as a family

As a parent, you set a lot of the rules and habits in the family. You control the zip code you live in, the shopping day, the cleaning day, the bedtimes, etc. Your kids are often left out of these decisions. How can you involve your kids in the changes and new rules?

Challenging Times

The reality of this new year is that your faith is being challenged in the midst of this culture shift. There’s pressure for you to change how you think, feel, and behave in relationship to God’s Word. Your kids are caught up in this too.

How are you teaching and protecting your kids in the midst of this change? Depending on your family and the area in which you live, your kids will have a different awareness level of what is going on in the world. Are you teaching them to be kind? Are you teaching them to be mindful of what others think or feel and how they process the world around them? Are you teaching them to be respectful without bending to the whims of what everybody else is saying or doing?

There’s a cost to standing up and being different. You have to be careful that you don’t become bitter or angry. Maybe you’ve had hard times or lost friends in standing up for your family or convictions. Remember that God is not absent. He is your refuge and gives you wisdom. You have to figure out what standing up looks like for you and your family. For some of you that will mean speaking out more. For others of you that will mean more time spent on your knees in prayer.

May God bless and lead you as you are embracing change in 2022!

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Embracing Change in 2022 - ETB #95