Citizens for America with Dr. Chris Hughes – ETB #93

Dr. Chris Hughes from Citizens for America is back on the show today. He shares more about his background, what Citizens for America is, and encouragement for you as a believer in our current culture. Tune in for a couple of exciting developments coming in 2022!

Citizens for America with Dr. Chris Hughes - ETB #93

Dr. Chris Hughes shares more about his background in this episode. He talks about his days as a celebrity BBQ chef and how food often opens the door to sharing the Gospel. He’s been involved in planting churches and hopefully soon a Bible college in India. In 1992, he ran for political office for the first time. These things led to a burden for seeing Christians engaging in public policymaking.

Citizens for America Foundation

Citizens for America Foundation was created for the purpose of helping Christians develop a biblical worldview. It’s also dedicated to impacting the culture for Jesus. They desire to protect religious freedoms and preserve our Christian heritage. It’s about strengthening families and defending the sanctity of human life through education and public policy.

From Podcast to Radio

Dr. Hughes began a podcast in June 2021 called The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes. The podcast features guests addressing topical issues in culture. God opened doors for Dr. Hughes to begin a weekly radio show on Saturdays of the same name in October 2021 on the Truth Media Network. Now, plans are in progress for a weekday hour-long radio national radio show to launch early in 2022. I’m excited to announce that I will be a weekly co-host on the Friday broadcast of the radio show!

Students for America

Students for America is a sister organization to Citizens for America that is dedicated to educating and training the next generation of leaders. It’s hard to be a Christian and have a biblical worldview on college campuses today! This organization was designed for young social conservatives and chapters are opening at colleges across the country.

And I think I let the cat out of the bag… I’m starting to work on my next book! Stay tuned for more info on that in 2022. I’m also excited about the start of the new radio show and hope that you will make plans to tune in!

About Dr. Chris Hughes

Dr. Chris Hughes is one of America’s most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues. Chris Hughes is the Founder and Chairman of the Citizens for America Foundation, one of the nation’s leading advocacy and grassroots public policy organizations. A powerful communicator, Chris Hughes is a Christian Political Advocate, Second Amendment Defender, Christian Apologist, and Author. He is the host of The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes.

In his travels, Chris Hughes works to inform and mobilize Pastors and Christians to be proactive in restoring a Biblical worldview framework in their communities and across the nation.

Chris Hughes lives his life to the fullest as a Father, Husband, Culture Warrior, Public Speaker, Celebrity Chef, and Author. When the family is not changing the world on the road, they make their home in Boone, North Carolina. 

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Citizens for America with Dr. Chris Hughes - ETB #93