The Sexualization of America’s Children with Dr. Chris Hughes – ETB #92

We’ve heard so much about CRT in the last couple of years, but have you heard about the sexualization of America’s children? Yes. You read that right. This is happening and it’s being funded by the federal government. Dr. Chris Hughes joins me in this episode to talk about this important issue.

The Sexualization of America's Children with Dr. Chris Hughes - ETB #92

As parents, we are responsible for the education of our children. For some, this might mean sending your kids into the public school system. But, choosing this form of education doesn’t mean that you are removed from involvement in what your children are learning. When Dr. Chris Hughes’ kids were growing up, he was paying close attention to what was being taught to his kids in school. He knew who their teachers, principals, and administrators were. He went to the school board meetings. This is when he started learning about the graphic sexual material being taught in schools and saw how few parents were choosing to opt out of this teaching.

Distance Learning Opened Our Eyes

Many parents started waking up to the reality of what was being taught in the public schools when suddenly their children were distance learning in their living rooms and at their dining room tables while moms and dads attempted to also work from home in 2020. For the first time, many parents were finally hearing what was being taught to their children. But, you need to know that this sex ed curriculum is also being used in private and even some Christian schools. You’re not safe from this issue just because you’re not in the public schools.

What is Common Sexuality Education Curriculum?

Sadly, this curriculum is much more than teaching about the birds and the bees. It’s called Common Sexuality Education Curriculum. It contains material that as believers, you likely do not want your children being taught and some of this material is being taught to children as young as five years of age.

Common Sexuality Education Curriculum came to be under the Obama administration. Legislators at the federal and state levels have been passing laws and mandates that have taken education out of the hands of parents and put it into the hands of teacher’s unions and liberal educators. It used to be that sex ed was something reserved for high school. Now this curriculum is being taught to your kindergarteners! From teaching children how to “pleasure themselves” to making them question their sexual identity and much more, this curriculum introduces ideas that you as a Christian parent should be in control of teaching to your children. And, you’d be horrified to find out about some of the corresponding graphic sexual books that are in your school libraries.

What Can the Christian Parent Do?

Dr. Hughes’ makes a number of suggestions for you as a Christian parent. You are not helpless or left hopeless!

1. Raise awareness

You can start by sharing this podcast with your friends. It’s an easy way to give an introduction to the topic of the sexualization of our children. But what about your larger community? Most communities still have local newspapers, even if the publication has gone completely online. You can write a letter to the editor. It’s easy to do. Just go to the newspaper’s website and follow the instructions for how to submit your letter.

2. Learn about the sex ed and parental rights laws in your state

How much is your state pushing this curriculum and how much is your school district implementing it? It really varies by state and even by local school district. Many school board members are not fully aware of what is going on with this curriculum in their school districts. If you need help finding out about the laws in your state, Citizens for America Foundation is available to help you. 

3. Check Your School Library

Are these graphic sexual books in your local school library? Likely the only way to find is for you to go to the library yourself and start looking.

4. Host an Event

Invite someone like Dr. Hughes or Connie to speak to your church or parents’ group.

Sexualization of Children Doesn’t Affect Me as a Homeschooler

You’re not exempt from this conversation if you’re a homeschool parent! These sexualization of children concepts are even seeping into the homeschool world. Be sure to carefully examine your homeschool curriculum and support publishers who are standing up for a biblical worldview. Don’t forget that your friends and neighbors also need your help too. This still affects you if you homeschool.

Get to Know Your Local Officials

Not everyone has access to the President, but you can get to know your local officials like your school board members. Get to know them personally. Build relationships with these elected officials in your local area and make sure you’re praying for them. Dr. Hughes recommends looking at the resources from Morton Blackwell and The Leadership Institute. They have training for parents who need helping learning how to get started with going to school board meetings and how to address these issues.

Take a Stand!

It’s time to take a stand for your kids and their future. Stopping the sexualization of America’s children is up to you. What will your next step be?

Dr. Chris Hughes will be back on the podcast again next week to share more about Citizens for America.

About Dr. Chris Hughes

Dr. Chris Hughes is one of America’s most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues. Chris Hughes is the Founder and Chairman of the Citizens for America Foundation, one of the nation’s leading advocacy and grassroots public policy organizations. A powerful communicator, Chris Hughes is a Christian Political Advocate, Second Amendment Defender, Christian Apologist, and Author. He is the host of The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes.

In his travels, Chris Hughes works to inform and mobilize Pastors and Christians to be proactive in restoring a Biblical worldview framework in their communities and across the nation.

Chris Hughes lives his life to the fullest as a Father, Husband, Culture Warrior, Public Speaker, Celebrity Chef, and Author. When the family is not changing the world on the road, they make their home in Boone, North Carolina. 

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The Sexualization of America\'s Children with Dr. Chris Hughes - ETB #92