The Search for Significance with Rachael Adams – ETB #161

When I met Rachael Adams a few years ago at a podcasting conference, I was so intrigued by her kindness and her authenticity. We connected again at another conference last year and I was so excited to hear about the book she had coming out. Rachael has such a heart for women in their search for significance and purpose. I’m excited to introduce her to you!

The Search for Significance with Rachael Adams - ETB #161

In this episode, Rachael and I discuss:

  • Rachael’s farm
  • The search for significance and listing of accomplishments
  • Finding wisdom in God’s word
  • God’s love for you just as you are not what you do
  • Seeing the ordinary become extraordinary
  • What might God do with one encounter?

I hope you are encouraged by Rachael’s perspective on life and Scripture in our conversation!

About Rachael Adams

Writer and podcaster Rachael Adams started her ministry to help women realize their God-given purpose and significance. She and her husband, Bryan, run a family business and farm in Kentucky with their two children, Will and Kate, and two doodle dogs.

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The Search for Significance with Rachael Adams - ETB #161