How to Overcome Toxic Thinking with Alicia Michelle – ETB #114

Our minds are powerful. Sometimes our thoughts run away from us. We find ourselves falling into destructive self-talk and negativity. This mindset not only affects us personally, but we end up bringing this baggage into our marriage and parenting. How can you overcome toxic thinking?

How to Overcome Toxic Thinking with Alicia Michelle - ETB #114

Alicia Michelle uses cognitive behavior combined with the Bible to find thought patterns and why we do what we do. She sat down with me to talk about mindset, overcoming toxic thinking, and doing this from a Christian perspective. We chatted about:

  • The difference between simply saying something to yourself and changing a thought pattern
  • The importance of the time frame from ages 9-13 and influences during that time
  • Freedom mindset vs positive thinking and people-pleasing
  • Finding healing in your subconscious mind using brain priming
  • The first step in change: paying attention
  • Having self-compassion

Alicia Michelle has so much wisdom in the area of mindset and breaking free from toxic thinking. I’m so thankful to have had this conversation with her and to have the opportunity to share it with you. I encourage you to check out her podcast and other resources to dig into this topic further.

About Alicia Michelle

Alicia Michelle is an author, Bible teacher, podcaster, and certified NeuroCoach. Known as the Mindset Makeover Coach, she equips Christian women with practical brain-and-biblically-based tools so they know how to renew their minds in order to overcome toxic thinking patterns (such as perfectionism, fear/worry, and not feeling “enough”) so they can cultivate godly confidence.

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How to Overcome Toxic Thinking with Alicia Michelle - ETB #114