Taste the Spice of the Gospel with Stephanie Rousselle – ETB #111

Translating between languages can be tricky. Sometimes one word just can’t encompass all of the nuances of meaning or one word contains the concepts of two words from another language. When translated into French from English, delight is one of these complicated words. In the French language and culture, you can’t separate the idea of delight from deliciousness. This means that God is both delightful and delicious! Stephanie Rousselle joins me in this episode to talk about how to taste the spice of the Gospel and so much more.

Taste the Spice of the Gospel with Stephanie Rousselle - ETB #111

Stephanie is a fantastic Bible teacher. I think you’ll hear her passion for the Gospel in this episode. We talk about:

  • Seeing the diversity in Christianity across continents and cultures
  • Coming to Christ as an exchange student
  • Recognizing nuances of meaning in words across languages
  • Accepting the historical truth of the resurrection
  • Realizing that relative truth holds no water
  • Delighting in the Lord
  • Tasting and seeing that the Lord is good
  • The Four Grids: Who God Is, What God Has Done, Who We Are, and What We Do

I hope my conversation with Stephanie encourages you to taste the spice of the Gospel. I pray that you see who God is and find your identity in Him. Delight in the Lord!

About Stephanie Rousselle

Stephanie Rousselle is the founder of Gospel Spice Ministries. Her motto is, “God’s glory, our delight!” Born and raised in France, she has lived for her One over the last two decades on three continents, four countries, and five cities through six professional roles. She is a wife, mom, podcaster, public speaker, Bible teacher, former women’s ministry director, and strategy consultant. And she is 100% French. Stephanie thrives on Bible-centered inspirational writing and speaking, and dark chocolate. She loves sharing nuances taken from the French and English languages and cultures to experience the New Testament from the inside out. She has quoted her favorite words more times than she can count, first to herself and her children, and then also in settings as diverse as Bible studies, conferences, podcasts, and more: “There is nothing you can do for God to love you more; and there is nothing you can do for God to love you less.” Her favorite verse and passion is Philippians 3:10, “For my determined purpose is to know Christ, and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship
in His suffering.”

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Taste the Spice of the Gospel with Stephanie Rousselle - ETB #111