4 Responses You Can Have to Teens Leaving the Church – ETB #105

It used to be that college kids were the ones who would walk away from their faith. Now, it’s teens leaving the Church. It is kids aged 15-17 who are are the ones walking away at an alarming rate. This is rooted in the pandemic and the deeming of churches as non-essential.

Did you know that 16.5% of people don’t believe in good and evil? I guess this could explain all of the hostility, rudeness, and violence we’re seeing these days. If you don’t believe in good and evil, then what do you believe in? This is what your kids are facing!

The Battle Within the Church

These teens were pulled away from their peer groups during the pandemic. They were pulled away from what the Church stood for. They were told that the Church is not important. Stats say that eight out of ten Christians need discipleship. Seventy percent of Christians don’t read their Bible. No wonder our kids are walking away from the Church. This is why people are confused, stressed out, and depressed!

4 Hopeful Steps

What can you do to help turn this around? I want you to have hope! Here are four things you can do:

  1. Read your Bible. Start with a Proverb a day or start reading from Genesis or Matthew.
  2. Pray. Pray for your own peace of mind, your anxiety, your struggles, your marriage, etc. Hand it all over to God.
  3. Talk about your faith. Build relationships with people you can freely talk with about your faith.
  4. Engage in your community. Have an impact and make a difference for the kingdom.

Let your kids see you doing these things and help them develop these habits.

Listener Question: Isolation

What can I do about isolation and my 11-year-old girl?

This question was asked of me recently on social media. Well, first you need to know that these are the murky, mysterious, marvelous, middle school years. You need to be aware of what they are going through so you can better lead and guide them on how to handle their emotions. We all feel isolated at times. Help her understand that her identity comes first from the Lord and then from within your family. Friends are a distant third. Consider doing extra activities together to help her discover what she’s interested in and find people who share similar interests.

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4 Responses You Can Have to Teens Leaving the Church - ETB #105