Little Faith, Big God with Debbie W. Wilson – ETB #60

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough faith to do what God asks you to do? Or that God isn’t big enough to help you? If you answered yes to either question, you’re not alone. Even Abraham and Noah also struggled when God gave them instructions!

Little Faith, Big God

We need to remember that it’s not about having faith in ourselves. God isn’t interested in the amount of faith we have when we start, but it is the faith we place in God that matters. Faith in ourselves doesn’t impress the Lord.

Throughout scripture, God commends people who obeyed Him despite their lack of faith. We start our race, and as we obey, our faith in God grows.

Our faith is a response to God’s leading, not how much faith we can muster up before we start. God gives us the grace to grow when our faith feels small. So it’s time to stop focusing on “me” and start focusing on God. It’s not about having faith in faith, but faith in God.

We can’t allow our false to stand in the way of God using us. God remembers our faithfulness, not our flaws. He initiates, we respond. As he leads, our faith story unfolds. Just like in the days of Noah, it won’t always be easy to follow the Lord. Our faith will fail us, but our God never will.

Big God

What would your relationship with God be like if you believe Jesus:

  • wants the pleasure of your company?
  • cares more about you than your performance?
  • designed spiritual growth to be an ongoing journey, not an instant change
  • delights in who you are becoming and isn’t put off by your weakness?

Don’t allow your lack of faith to hinder you from doing what you know you are being called to do. Debbie’s book Little Faith, Big God helps you put off your superhero cape for a dynamic relationship with a God.

Remember, God chose to use Abraham, Noah, and Jacob despite their flaws. They were picked before they were born. So are you, my friend. What is God asking you to do?

God’s grace is amazing, and when we live in response to His grace, our faith grows.

Points to Ponder:

  • Are you living what you believe?
  • What is God taking you through now?
  • Are you living in a way that others see the Lord at work in your life?

Little Faith, Big God reminds us not to focus on the size of our faith but to keep our eyes on the size of our God. Tune out the noise in the world.

About Debbie W. Wilson

Drawing from her personal walk with Christ, 24 years as a Christian counselor, and decades as a Bible teacher, Debbie W. Wilson helps people—especially overachievers—give themselves a break and live in God’s grace so they can enjoy fruitful and fulfilling lives.

She is the author of and Little Faith, Big God. She and her husband Larry founded Lighthouse Ministries, a nonprofit ministry offering counseling, life and relationship coaching, and Bible studies. She is an Advanced Writers and Speakers Association certified speaking and writing coach. Her ministry assignments have taken her across the USA and overseas. Debbie enjoys exploring new places, reading a good mystery, eating dark chocolate, and laughing at the antics of her two standard poodles.

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Little Faith, Big God with Debbie W. Wilson - ETB #60