Wisely Choose Who You Listen To – ETB #32

Do you know people who believe they know the right way to parent children? I sure do. Over the years, I’ve encountered many well-meaning people eager to help me get it right! Some of the advice I’ve been given has been good, but some haven’t! That is why you must choose who you listen to carefully.

Wisely Choose Who You Listen To - ETB #32

Thoughts on Who You Listen To

  • There isn’t one way to parent well! (There, I said it)
  • No one knows your child better than you! (Truth)
  • Warning: Your friend or ministry leader doesn’t have all the answers! (It’s the truth)
  • Five simple tips…myth! (There is nothing simple about effective parenting)
  • If you are in doubt, ask the architect! (That would be the Lord)

Though many want to encourage you in your journey, be leery! Not all advice-givers are the same. God knows the plans he has for your child! Be a wise listener!

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Wisely Choose Who You Listen To - ETB #32