How to Deal with Mom Guilt – ETB #152

Do you feel like you’re not doing enough for your kids? Does it seem like everyone is doing this mom life better than you? This is mom guilt! Let’s talk today about how to deal with mom guilt.

How to Deal with Mom Guilt - ETB #152

Defining Mom Guilt

I want to let you know that mom guilt isn’t a new thing. When my kids were young, we didn’t use that term, but this pervasive feeling that we’re not doing enough as women and moms is not new. What is new is the culture of social media that becomes entangled with the expectations of moms. Mom guilt is this feeling of being inadequate. You doubt yourself. You are living your life one way but see another mom doing things another way and become unsure of yourself. You think that the other mom is doing this mom thing better or the right way.

The Root of Mom Guilt

At the root of mom guilt is comparison. Scripture tells us not to compare ourselves to others. We need to keep our eyes focused on running our own races. We are each raising kids in different circumstances and environments. We each parent from different backgrounds and experiences from our childhoods. Maybe you made some bad decisions in the past that cause you to question everything you do now in your parenting. In any case, you have a race to run that is different from the mom next to you.

Steps to Deal with Mom Guilt

The first step to overcoming mom guilt is to give it to the Lord. We have to separate guilt from true conviction that comes from the Lord. Determine with prayer and consulting Scripture if this feeling is from God or a trusted source being used to point out something God wants you to see. Or is this something external meant to derail you? As much as I don’t like the phrase at times, there is value in stepping back and saying, “You do you” if your heart is in the right place seeking after God’s word and will.

Next, evaluate where this mom guilt is coming from. Is it a societal expectation? Consider the people and places where you spend your time or give your attention. Do your friends have a similar mindset to you? What about their biblical convictions or family cultural desires? Put your time and energy into the relationships and spaces that will encourage and support you in following God’s will for your parenting and life.

I challenge you to be a light in the midst of another mom’s guilt. Lift that burden off the mom’s around you. Affirm your mom friends and encourage them today!

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How to Deal with Mom Guilt - ETB #152