A Conversation about Love-Centered Parenting with Crystal Paine – ETB #54

With all the parenting books available, what makes Love-Centered Parenting, by Crystal Paine, unique? Like many books, where the authors focus on results-based parenting. Love-Centered Parenting has a different approach.

A Conversation about Love-Centered Parenting with Crystal Paine - ETB #54

To many, Crystal Paine had it all together – a happy marriage, a successful business, a vibrant faith, and national selling books as the Money Saving Mom®. But one day, her world turned upside down.

The crisis she and her family faced was the being of a transformational process in her parenting. Before she could make changes, God had to change her from the inside out. It was through this painful process that she discovered a new way to parent her children.

In this episode, Crystal shares her raw story of transformation and what lead to Love-Centered Parenting. This honest conversation about God’s love, her transformation, and how her parenting has changed.

I believe you will be encouraged by her vulnerability and sincerity to reconsider their parenting approach. Love-Centered Parenting is not a formula or easy steps to follow. Crystal’s goal is to bring freedom, hope, and healing with her new book.

Love-Centered Parenting Thoughts

  • Focus on what I can learn from this.
  • Become a student of your child.
  • What speaks love to your child?
  • What makes your child feel loved?
  • Let your kids make choices.
  • Love them where they are.
  • Walk with them.
  • Do not try to control them.

From the book, Love-Centered Parenting:

The 3 Words That Changed My Parenting
One day, after speaking at a conference, I was dialoguing with another one of the conference speakers via Twitter. I don’t remember the details of what we were talking about, but the one thing that stands out is that at the end of the online conversation, she wrote, “Live as loved.” Those three little words stopped me in my tracks. “Live as loved.” (p. 31)

Parenting is a journey full of twists and turns. Some are fun and exciting, while others are painful. Crystal encourages moms to keep it simple.

About Crystal Paine

Crystal Paine is the founder of MoneySavingMom.com, host of “The Crystal Paine Show” podcast, New York Times bestselling author of Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, and author of Money-Making Mom. Her desire is to help women across the globe live with more joy, purpose, and intention in their everyday lives. She lives with her husband and kids in the Nashville, Tennessee area, where she is actively involved in her local church. Her biggest passions are helping women understand how the Gospel can radically transform their lives, raising awareness for foster care, going on adventures with her family (locally, domestically, and internationally), finding great deals at the grocery store, heartfelt
conversations, and trying to read too many books at one time!

In Love-Centered Parenting, Paine gives examples of how she’s learned to listen to her children, sit and be present, ask meaningful questions, and not pass judgment. In addition to hard-won lessons, major changes, and a radically different parenting approach, Paine also provides practical,
tangible resources for parents.

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A Conversation about Love-Centered Parenting with Crystal Paine - ETB #54