Fast from Social Media Feed to Feast on God’s Word with Wendy Speake – ETB #35

Today, I’m joined by author and speaker Wendy Speake to discuss her new book The 40 Day Social Media Fast: Exchange Your Online Distractions for Real-Life Devotion. Wendy shares how our spiritual lives are impacted when we run to social media or sugar or anything other than God’s Word.

Fast from Social Media Feed to Feast God's Word with Wendy Speake - ETB #35

About Wendy Speake

Wendy Speake is a wife, mom, host of the annual 40 Day Sugar Fast, and co-author of a number of parenting books. There’s a fire in her bones to see women come to faith and grow in faith. Wendy uses every opportunity to point women to the Gospel.

Social Media Fast

In this episode, Wendy and I discuss:

  • Becoming a living sacrifice
  • Breaking social media and sugar strongholds
  • Turning away from distractions
  • Fasting v dieting
  • Running to devices to get you through the stress
  • Going dark to experience God’s light
  • Crowding out distractions to experience a transformation

This is such an important episode – especially now! Don’t miss it!

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Fast from Social Media Feed to Feast on God\'s Word with Wendy Speake - ETB #35