How to Discuss Post-Election Results with Children – ETB #34

It’s time to exhale; the election is over! You’ve prayed and voted. Now it’s time to discuss the winners and losers with your children in a constructive way so they learn how to express their views with clarity and conviction.

How to discuss post-election results with children:

  • Assign everyone a job
  • Don’t start with a list you want to discuss
  • Listen when your kids talk
  • Don’t allow siblings to mock or put down each other
  • Affirm each other
  • Don’t get into arguments
  • Ask leading questions

Over the years, we attended rallies and spoke with candidates to learn more about their policies and principles. When the polls closed, we would watch the election results come in as a family. Some of our candidates won and some lost. For weeks, we talked about what would happen next. I wanted them to learn life will go on. Once they grew-up, I wondered if they would take their responsibility seriously. They do! I’ve learned those post-election results conversations made a difference in how they process elections. Your children might not seem interested right now, but they are listening and learning from you. It’s your opportunity to influence your child, whether your candidate won or lost.

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How to Discuss Post-Election Results with Children - ETB #34