5 Secrets to Homeschooling with Success

5 secrets to homeschooling success to equip you on your homeschool journey. Homeschool encouragement from ConnieAlbers.com

5 Secrets to Homeschooling with Success

School is in full swing! For some of you bad attitudes, resistance and discouragement have already derailed your well thought out schedule. It’s okay. Those days do happen. Especially when you begin the new school year. By focusing on the five secrets that helped me cross the finish line with all five of my children you can get back on track more quickly.

Homeschooling for 21 years has given me a unique perspective. I have experienced the first-time fears and doubts associated with starting something new, worked my way through the high school years, managed five children on different levels, navigated the college admissions process and sent all five off to college.

I want to encourage you as you begin your new year to keep your eye on the end goal. Don’t be short-sighted. Be mindful of the values, character qualities, and academic pursuits you have in mind.

These are five points I intentionally focused on as I began each year:

<p><h3>An Intense Desire to do Your Best</h3></p>

  • Have and maintain an intense desire to do your best. Parents and students alike cannot give half-effort and expect more in return. I know it can be difficult to stay focused and on top of everything, but when we model doing our best to our children we are helping them develop that same intensity for excellence in life.
  • Have burning sense of urgency. You know time flies by so quickly. If you maintain this urgency, it will help you stay focused. For those of you who have been homeschooling for a while, you know a month is gone in a blink of an eye. Live like this it he last day you will get to teach you children.
  • Define what you want to accomplish. Knowing where you are going will help you stay no to things that would take you off course. Write down what your goals are for each child. Don’t forget your-self as well! Good teacher have personal goals.
  • Be willing to try new adventures. Don’t be afraid. For many of you, this is all new. I have often had to change an approach or curriculum in order to reach our goals. What works for one child might not be the best for you other children.
  • Find the right place. Needs change from year to year. Whether it’s a co-op, support group, group classes, nontraditional school or virtual school, finding the best fit for your family well be beneficial toward your success. Use what works for your family. Thank fully, we have a variety of excellent choices in the homeschooling community.

By intentionally putting into practice these five points you will enjoy this year with your child / children and to reach the end excited rather than exhausted. The work you are doing as a homeschool mom is slowly changing the face of our nation.

Run and do not grow weary!