Make Homeschooling Easier with Zan Tyler – ETB #181

My guest, Zan Tyler, shares how parents can make homeschooling easier and strengthen relationships using a few simple activities your children will enjoy.

As a veteran homeschool mom, Zan Tyler believes parents can make homeschooling easier by adding a few simple activities to motivate children on their homeschool journey.

Make Homeschooling Easier with Zan Tyler ETB 181

What can we do to make learning fun while making homeschooling easy? Zan shares three ideas and some sage advice I’m sure you will enjoy.

Embracing God’s Call

Embracing God’s call isn’t always easy, but Zan’s story is filled with defining moments where she witnessed God’s hand guiding her through the process. Through these experiences, she realized that her purpose is to support and encourage homeschool moms like enjoy the adventure.

Making Homeschooling Easier

Zan understands the challenges of homeschooling and wants to help you make your homeschool days more enjoyable. Here are a few tips she shared:

Break up the school week by designating a special day that your kids can look forward to.

Focus on the unique gifts that homeschooling offers, such as the flexibility of time, the ability to explore new ideas, and the spontaneity it allows.

Look for serving opportunities that you and your children can do together. Engaging in service activities strengthens the bond between you and your kids.

Plan mid-week outings or activities outside the house to bring excitement and variety to your homeschool routine.

Encourage your family members to embrace their individual strengths and find meaningful ways to redeem each day.

Building Strong Relationships

Zan emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships within your homeschooling journey. She quotes Mother Teresa, who said, “If you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family.”

Here are some practical tips to making homeschooling easier

  • Love each other well by intentionally investing time and effort into nurturing your relationships.
  • Take the time to truly understand and get to know your children, their unique motivations, and learning styles.
  • Give yourself grace as you navigate the homeschooling journey. Remember, it’s all new, and mistakes are part of the learning process.
  • Learn to incorporate your faith into your daily homeschool routine, allowing God to guide you every step of the way.

We must trust in God’s leading to help make homeschooling easier

By implementing these practical tips and embracing the lessons shared in this episode, you can make homeschool easier and more fulfilling while strengthening the bond within your family.

Trust in God’s plan, cherish your relationships and enjoy the adventure of homeschooling. Together, we can strengthen today’s families and create a brighter future.

About Zan Tyler

Zan Tyler’s homeschool journey began in 1984 when homeschooling was illegal, and she was threatened with jail. For eight years, she and other families battled for homeschool freedom and established landmark homeschool legislation in South Carolina. In 1990, she founded the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) and served as its president for ten years.

Zan loves to empower parents as they answer their God-given calling to homeschool. She is an inspirational speaker and author. For sixteen years, Zan worked with Christian publishers developing homeschool curriculum and resources. She is now a consultant with BJU Press Homeschool. Zan’s greatest privilege in life was homeschooling their three children through high school. Zan is the host of the Zan Tyler Podcast, sponsored by BJU Press Homeschool. Join Zan and a special guest each week for real encouragement, engaging stories, and practical wisdom for surviving and thriving on the homeschool journey.

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Make Homeschooling Easier with Zan Tyler - ETB #181