Let Kids Play Outside

What happens when you let your kids play outside? Letting kids play outside is vital to a healthy childhood! Ginny Yurich, founder of 1000 Hours Outside, created an online movement that is changing families forever: challenging people to let their kids play 1000 hours outside every year. This simple act of going outside can dramatically improve your relationship with your kids, reduce your screen time, and enjoy motherhood.

The idea stemmed from Ginny figuring out how to overcome her own feelings of inadequacy as a mom. Connie and Ginny discuss the benefits of outside time, parenting books, and the scientific benefits of prioritizing outdoor time for your kids. Save your kids by letting them play outside.

Let Kids Play Outside with Ginny Yurich ETB 197

Why Kids Need to Play Outside

  • It helps children learn to be problem solvers.
  • Allows children to develop social skills.
  • Reduces screen time because they run out of time.

Learning to Love Motherhood

  • Let go of your expectations of what your day should be.
  • Invite a friend and their kids to join you for a day of play.
  • Accept the child you have, not the perfect child you thought you’d have.

What Caused us to Drift Away from Playing Outside

  • Parents sign their children up for too many short programs.
  • Shift in culture and family structure.
  • Not understanding the value of being outside.

As parents, getting kids to play outside and leave their devices inside does not have to be a challenge. We simply fill their days playing outside. The benefits of shifting to more outdoor time can change your outlook and build problem-solving skills in your children.

About Ginny Yurich

Ginny Yurich is a homeschooling mother of five and founder of 1000 Hours Outside, a global movement designed to reclaim childhood. Yurich teaches parents the importance of outdoor play for their children. Overwhelmed parents can move beyond their exhaustion to experience relief, joy, connection, respite, and delight as they learn to embrace the creativity of old-fashioned play—all while raising children who are better prepared for their future.

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Let Kids Play Outside