Setting Family Goals

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, it’s the perfect moment to reflect, reset, and reimagine the future. In today’s episode of Setting Family Goals, we’re delving into a topic that’s not just about resolutions but about building the very fabric of our lives – “How to Set Family Goals.”

Whether you’re a seasoned goal-setter or someone exploring this concept for the first time, join me on a journey where I share how you can set meaningful, achievable, and heartwarming goals for your family. From fostering stronger connections to creating a shared vision, you’ll learn insights and inspiration to help guide you through the process.

Setting Family Goals - ETB #195

With the new year fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about setting family goals to strengthen your family.

Setting Family Goals can be overwhelming for many families, but it doesn’t have to be. How can we approach this process so that each member of the family is on the same page? While it can seem daunting with the right approach, it can actually be quite manageable and rewarding.

I like to begin by looking back on the past year and identifying three positive things that happened during the year, plus a few additional things to consider.

Reflect on the Past Year

Reflect on the lessons you learned from the previous year can help you better understand how you overcame struggles or what you learned from them.

  • Take stock of accomplishments and challenges.
  • Consider what worked well and what didn’t.
  • Identify areas for improvement or change.
  • Did you use your gifts and strengths properly?

After reflection, setting clear and specific goals is important. These goals should be realistic and aligned with your values and aspirations.

Set Clear and Specific Goals

How do we make goals specific and measurable?

  • Look at each role you play: wife, husband, partner, mother, daughter, career woman, and write down one thing you want to work on for each of these. Why do I say only one from each role? Well, we have to keep our goals manageable.
  • Make the goals relevant to your family. Stop following other people’s paths. Your family. Your values, Your path.
  • Avoid falling into the trap of thinking you can fit more into a day than is possible.
  • Evaluate where you are spending your time.

Break Goals Down into Actionable Steps

  • Divide goals into small, manageable tasks.
  • Establish a timeline and set deadlines for each step.
  • Determine the resources and support needed to accomplish each task.

Monitor Your Progress

As much as we want to set our goals and move forward, we must stay focused and monitor our progress because setbacks happen. Here are three ways to make sure your family is going in the right direction:

  • Regularly track your progress.
  • Celebrate milestones and achievements along the way.
  • Be flexible and willing to adjust if necessary.

I know these may seem basic, but if you pause to reflect, set clear goals, break them into small parts, and monitor your progress, your family will step into a new year with a goal everyone can aim for.

Note: Don’t forget self-care. You can’t pour from an empty pitcher. You have to carve out some time to do something you enjoy that’s just for you. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be intentional. What gets scheduled gets done.

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Setting Family Goals