Knowing Your Strengths Part 2 – ETB #72

Do you know your strengths? Have you spent time trying to discover what you are uniquely designed for? Do you know why you do what you do? Do you know why you think, feel, and behave in a certain way?

Knowing Your Strengths Part 2 - ETB #72

In this episode, I will go deeper into the world of strengths and how knowing your strengths can help you understand yourself and others with great clarity.

The purpose of learning about strengths is not to impress others with your knowledge but to help you communicate with your family and others in a richer, deeper way. People are desperate to be seen and heard. It is a core need God placed within every person. Therefore, if you know how to speak to others in the way that they hear, imagine how much better your relationships
will be.

If you can learn the language of Strengths, you will gain insights into how others think, feel and process the world around them. You can learn to see through the lens of others. As a result, your understanding of others is improved.

Transformation happens in three ways:

  • 10% formal learning
  • 20% classes, webinars, and group projects
  • 70% experiential learning

May I encourage you to remember how real transformation happens so that you don’t waste precious time and maximize your efforts?

Start the Strengths Discovery Process

How do you start the process of discovery?

  • Start a journal and write down what you say, what your kids say. What words do they use to
  • Listen to the words you and others
  • Stay in your lane. You can live some else’s life?
  • Print your report and read it. Highlight what stands out to you.
  • Pray. Ask the Lord to help you understand
  • Think about the results. Do you agree with your report?
  • Understand how to develop your talent into a strength. You add knowledge + skill. You must learn and practice so that your talent grows. Over time your diligence results in greater proficiency in being the person God made you.

When you put forth the effort to learn about yourself and others, how you engage in the world around you changes.

I want you to learn how to excel and soar using your gifts, strengths, and talents doing what God has called you to do.

Over the next few podcasts, I’ll take you deeper and explain how to apply this information to your life.

Stay tuned, invite your friends, and join us next time as we discuss Strengths.



*Note: if you purchase one of the books with a code, you do not need to buy an additional code from Gallup. But, don’t buy a used one. The chances are that code has already been used.

**If you have a tween or younger teen, I recommend that they take Strengths Explorer. It is geared for kids ages 10-14.

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Knowing Your Strengths Part 2 - ETB #72