Goal Setting Can Lead to Greater Fulfillment – ETB #68

Are you a fan of goal setting? Do goals matter? They should because God has an assignment for you to complete! It’s one only you can fulfill if you are willing to accept it.

Goal Setting Can Lead to Greater Fulfillment - ETB #68

People often ask me how I know what goals I’m supposed to set. That’s not always easy to know at first, so I start by paying attention to what God is leading me to do.

Another common question is how to make goals achievable. Making a goal achievable isn’t the goal—not really. The goal is to help you move in a specific direction.

Initial Steps

  • Pay attention to where you are right now. If you aren’t, why not?
  • How do you plan to reach those goals? Jot down thoughts that come to mind.
  • Start with an idea that you believe God wants you to pursue.

People don’t understand how much setting goals matter to fulfilling His assignment. Setting goals is more than a mere exercise that needs to be accomplished. Goals are vital to the overall well-being of you and your family.

How do you achieve a goal? First, you must make them realistic. Sure, you can set big goals, but you can become discouraged if you have no chance of achieving them. As you write down your goals, be willing to pivot as the Lord leads you. A goal is something you aim for. Stay focused on your race.

Once you’ve set some goals, move forward by making the most of the opportunities right in front of you. Sometimes, we discount the people we know or what is around us that God plans to use to help us.

Some Things to Consider About Goal Setting

  • Assess what is before you.
  • Determine if God put the desire in your heart.
  • Decide to be diligent and reliable.
  • Work as hard as you can.
  • Never think people are above you or beneath you.
  • View others as equals.
  • You must be humble

Pray, and then work as hard as you can towards the goals. When your children, spouse, and colleagues see you working as hard as you can, it inspires them to follow suit.

Think, discover, and be honest. When you understand who you are and how God designed you, you are more likely to set yourself up for success, not failure. Therefore, it would be best if you started where you are and move forward.

Talk about what God is leading you to do with others. God works through people. Ask them for help when needed. In turn, you need to help others run their race.

If goal setting is new to you, start with simple goals you know you can achieve. Once you have measurable success, you will gain greater confidence in the Lord and yourself to make bigger goals.

I’d love to hear about your goal-setting process. Let us know how we can help you. ~Connie

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Goal Setting Can Lead to Greater Fulfillment - ETB #68