When to Step Away or Push Through – ETB #67

Have you been torn between deciding when to step away or push through a difficult situation? Sure you have. We all have. Making tough decisions is part of life.

When to Step Away or Push Through - ETB #67

Life decisions aren’t easy for most of us to make. It takes time to wrestle with the possible outcomes! I call them the “What if scenarios.”

Well, what if I told you there is freedom in the pivot. You heard me! Freedom comes after you decide to pivot. That freedom is something you need to consider.

In this episode, I’ll share three keys that will help you with the decision-making process!

3 Keys to When to Step Away or Push Through

  • Trust the Lord
  • Seek Wise Counsel
  • Ask Yourself Why

Once you decide, embrace that decision with full confidence. Don’t keep second-guessing yourself. It’s time to move forward.

As you age, you grow and change. This growth happens spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and relationally. It’s a natural part of maturing. We don’t stay the same – not really. Sure our hard-wiring and strengths remain, but how we use them changes. Life has a way of forcing such change upon us.

As you consider the possibilities, you must keep what important to you a priority. It can be easy to lose sight of what matters while chasing a dream or letting go of something. I’ve found it necessary to remember that God doesn’t have a second best for you. You will be tempted to think you might miss out on the best, but you won’t. Not if you are faithful to do the next right thing. As I said in episode #66, you must run your race, not someone else’s race. Fear of missing out or quitting too soon can cause you undue stress.

Learning to step away or push through takes time. As you pray about what you need to do, keep in mind your limits. You have the same 24 hours as every other person. How you spend the time is up to you. So, start with what is best for your family. When you keep your focus on what matters most, trust the Lord, seek counsel, and know why it matters, it becomes easier to make your decision.

If I may encourage you in this one thing, don’t be afraid you’ll miss out on God’s best. That’s not how it works. There will always be opportunities for you down the road.

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When to Step Away or Push Through - ETB #67