God Can Heal Your Marriage with Jill Savage – ETB #62

Marriage can be messy and far from normal. But what can we learn about loving our spouse when they don’t love us back? How do we trust God to work in us when hope seems lost? Can God heal your marriage?

God Can Heal Your Marriage with Jill Savage - ETB #62

God has not called us to be normal because normal doesn’t exist. Not in life or our marriage. When we let go of our expectations and trust God, we have peace knowing He can repair the broken and redeem what was lost.

Jill Savage, author, speaker, and podcaster, joins me for an honest conversation about life and marriage when anything but normal.

Rebuilding Your Marriage

1. Always stand for your marriage. God gives us one assignment: to love our husband. How can you love your spouse when they don’t love you back?
2. Know your husband. In marriage, there are seasons. With each season, we change, and our spouse changes. In every season, we need to take time to understand your husband’s struggles.
3. Are you paying attention to the slow fades that could be causing you hurting relational closeness?
4. What God tools do you need to acquire to keep your marriage strong?
5. Loving the unloveable is an opportunity to remember you aren’t always lovable.
6. Don’t make saving your marriage an idol. Be intentional to keep God on the altar.
7. Your circumstances don’t dictate your faithfulness. Never forget that God is always at work, even if you don’t see it.

“I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten.”
Joel 2:25a (ESV)

There is always hope for your marriage!

About Jill Savage

Jill Savage is an author and speaker who is passionate about relationships.

Founding Hearts at Home, a national organization that served moms for 24 years, Jill now speaks to thousands of men and women each year about their priorities, passions, and purpose. She has been called one of today’s most exciting female speakers. Her honest, engaging communication is strengthened by her ability to make her audience laugh while they learn.

Jill is the No More Perfect Podcast host and the author of fourteen books, including Empty Nest, Full Life, Real Moms, Real Jesus, the best-selling No More Perfect Moms, No More Perfect Kids, Better Together, and No More Perfect Marriages. Jill and her husband, Mark, live in Illinois and have five children and eight grandchildren.

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God Can Heal Your Marriage with Jill Savage - ETB #62