Beautifully Broken

We are all beautifully broken through God's perfect plan for our lives. Christian living encouragement from

Such an odd title, isn’t it?  How can something be beautifully broken?  Broken: in pieces, not put together, and most importantly not perfect. The word broken conjures such sad, negative emotions. That is usually the case because we fail to see the beauty of how the Lord sees brokenness.

This is a vivid picture of life: we are not perfect.  We are never able to accomplish everything, or say just the right words, or love unconditionally. We are broken: crushed by past hurts, disappointments, unmet needs, sickness, and so on.

Despite our own tainted perspective, in the eyes of our Savior we are beautifully broken.  As He takes the pieces of our brokenness, He recreates a beautiful new work of art.  We are conformed to His image, created for His good works.  His hand is seen as the master builder behind this new work; only He can bring such beauty from the mess.

While we may not choose what areas we will be broken in, the reality is that we are all broken people. Life just has a way of doing that to us. It’s what we allow to become of all the pieces that matters.

We can allow experiences to drag us down, defeat and discourage us… or they can become a catalyst for change: refining, polishing, and perfecting.

As you look at the pieces that lie before you, instead of pulling out the Super Glue and trying to “fix it” yourself, I exhort you to lay it before the Lord and ask Him to create something beautiful that shows the world you are His workmanship created for good works.