Squash the Fear (PBTR Part 9) – ETB #123

We have been gripped by fear for the last several years. The pandemic and waves of uncertainty hit us on top of the more common day-to-day fears. But, God says there’s no place for fear in our lives! He tells us not to fear because He is with us (Isaiah 41:10). Do you believe that? Are you ready to squash fear?

Squash the Fear (PBTR Part 9) - ETB #123

In this ninth episode of the series we’ve been doing on my book Parenting Beyond the Rules, I want to show you how to squash the fear in your life so it no longer paralyzes you.

Fear keeps us from speaking up when we know we must have a conversation. We don’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings or be rejected or be embarrassed. You can let that fear paralyze you or motivate you. It’s a legitimate concern that you could harm a relationship.

In order to squash fear, there’s a groundwork that needs to be laid. That’s why this chapter comes so later in Parenting Beyond the Rules. You need to know how to listen, how to monitor your mouth, give your kids a vision, and handle tough topics before you can really tackle fear.

How to Squash the Fear

Squash fear in your life by doing these things:

  1. Identify the Fear: What are you afraid of? That your kids will rebel or reject you? Something else? Name what that fear is for you.
  2. Remove the Fear: In 1 John 4:18, we find that God’s perfect love casts out all fear. No matter how much there is to get wrong, there’s a lot you can get right and that starts with prayer and time in the Word.
  3. Embrace Freedom: Rest in the truth that God has created you and given you the ability to parent the child He’s given to you.

6 Ways to Respond

How can you respond to a sticky parenting situation that causes fear to arise in you? Remember these 6 things:

  1. Don’t overreact when a situation presents itself.
  2. Separate the act from the child.
  3. Don’t take offense.
  4. Maintain self-control.
  5. Don’t shame your child publically.
  6. Remember that your child is still learning.

God equips you to raise your kids! Remember that He’s the architect. Consult Scripture and be discerning with the information that you take in from other sources.

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Squash the Fear (PBTR Part 9) - ETB #123