A Wise Woman Considers

A wise woman carefully considers what God wants for her life. ConnieAlbers.com

When I read about the Proverbs 31 woman I see a life well lived. For many women, they interpret this passage as something that must be done all in one day or season.  Truth is, this describes a woman’s life in totality… not a day.

Let’s begin by defining “consider.”

: to think about carefully in order to make a wise choice or decision

: to take into account to gaze on reflectively

: come to judge or classify

There are, however, key principles a wise woman practices on a daily basis.  She…

Weighs decisions in light of God’s word. Decisions are not made without considering the picture.  A wise woman believes that God has a plan for all her days.  This is not something she just talks about; it’s something she holds onto.  Knowing God has a plan allows her to rest in the knowledge that He will guide her.  There is no fear of missing out when you’re trusting in the Lord.

Thinks before she acts– the mark of maturity.  This is similar to weighing decisions, in that, careful consideration is made. She thinks about all aspects of her actions.  She knows her conduct impacts everyone around her.  I call this “thinking it through.”

Every word matters– she is slow to speak and quick to hear.  She understands the importance of guarding her mouth.  Her words are like a healing salve to those around her.  She chooses to bless not curse others.

Breathes life into others– she knows what’s good for her family because she has taken the time to study and understand those in her life.  She looks for little ways to build up those around her and let them know they matter.

Seeks Balance– The important principle to grasp is that she seeks to find balance.  She doesn’t hope for it or wish it, she actively works to maintain balance in her life.  Meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of her family can be very demanding.  However, she knows the importance of pulling away in order to recharge.

Understands seasons– there is time for all things, just not all at the same time.  Just because she can doesn’t mean she should.  There are many skills she is capable of doing, but it may not the right time.  She may be nurturing a baby or training toddlers or caring for aging parents.  There are seasons that require more focused time and attention.  When children are little they need you more physically, when children are teens, they need you more emotionally, both require your availability.

Over the course of her lifetime, she let people down, made mistakes, and sometimes said the wrong thing, but those are all part of living life. We make restitution in as much as possible, seek forgiveness and press on.  The important part was she consistently looked well to the ways for household.  Her family truly does come first.

We can’t expect to be perfect, but we can actively pursue to be a woman who considers all things first.