Is “Busy” Bad?

Carefully consider your path in life. Is busy-ness bad? Consider what God has planned for your life.

A friend once said, “Busy always seems to find you.”

Does busy seem to find you, too?

We hear, “Don’t be too busy now”, or “you’re too busy.”  These statements can cause inner turmoil for many.  How can someone know if you are too busy?  Could it be that we have different callings, drive levels, and interests?  What one person feels is too busy may be the perfect balance for someone else.  After all, God has equipped each of us with individual passions, skill sets and drive.

Busy for the sake of being busy accomplishes little.  The key is not so much are you too busy, but are you busy about the things God has called you to do?  Or, are you busy trying to avoid dealing with something in your life?  Hurt, conflict, unmet needs or neglect maybe?  Are you busy chasing after a career or a relationship?

Where the problem with being too busy, if you want to call it that, comes into play is when your family is saying this to you.  I am, by nature, an action oriented person, an extrovert.  Before having a family I was focused on changing the world.  That is all well and good, but, my busy-ness needed to be redirected when the children came along.  I knew I was responsible for teaching and training the children God gave us.  My focus became centered on the family.  It is unwise to

spend all your time on what you want at the expense of those who are more important, your family.  You must listen to them.  Others, who are looking at a snap shot of your life, aren’t always the best to ones for you to listen to.  However, your family is.

A virtuous woman, as described in scripture was not an idle person. She didn’t sit around all day sipping tea or surfing the Internet. No, she was far too busy for that. Her days were full from the moment she woke up until she finally climbed into bed.  Her list was endless.

leafHaving raised five children, I can say there are most definitely seasons that required more of me than others.  A mother of little children is busy training, shaping and molding them in the things that matter.  If there are teenagers in the home, that season requires more time focused on the emotional needs of guiding them into adulthood.  If you are working outside the home, that adds an extra layer of busy-ness and balance to your day.

A dear friend of mine said she was super busy, and loved every bit of what she was doing.  She was focused on doing what was on her plate for that day.  She was purposing to balance the needs of her husband, children, and community and work responsibilities.  That, my friends, is a busy life.  For some that may be too busy for others they may have an even busier day.

The tasks God calls each of one of us to do require action a.k.a. being busy.  God’s Word calls us to be busy about our work.  That work is different for each of us.  Let’s encourage each other in the work God has called us to.  Let’s look for ways to keep it all in check.

Being busy, in and of itself, isn’t bad.  Just make sure you purpose to be busy about the things that matter most.