How to Create a Positive Digital Footprint – ETB #81

Do you know how to create a positive digital footprint and why it matters to your child’s future?

Most of us know what we shouldn’t share online. We also know the sites we visit and that conversations aren’t private. But children don’t know this! Most children think what they do will vanish after a short time. The idea that every click and conversation is being archived or watched by big tech screeners is unfathomable to them.

How to Create a Positive Digital Footprint - ETB #81

Parents are often frustrated by the arguments they have with their children over technology and social media. I understand how difficult it can be. After a long day, parents either give in or give up. May I encourage you to try another way? Teach them how to use tech!

Instead of fighting, I encourage you to walk with your child, so they learn how to make wise clicks and create a positive digital footprint.

Last week (in episode #80), I discussed how to raise tech-savvy kids. This week we will go a little deeper into how you minimize the conflict and have confidence that your child will be safe in a dangerous online world.

  • Limit Unproductive Time Scrolling
  • Avoid Using Screens as a Babysitter
  • Teach Children How to Tame Tech
  • Be the Parent. Do what is right for your child. If you say no, give him the reason behind your decision.

When your child know you are trying to understand her why, she will listen to your responses with less objections.
You can teach your child how to create positive digital footprint, but you must be intentional. There are people who aren’t looking after your child’s best interest. That’s your job!

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How to Create a Positive Digital Footprint - ETB #81