My Child Would Not Do THAT – ETB #39

When I saw other children publicly act up or act out, I thought my child would not do THAT. My children knew right from wrong. Have you thought that, too?

My Child Would Not Do THAT - ETB #39

While it is true that children do the darndest things, we never expect our children to disobey, be unkind, lie, or steal. Those aren’t acceptable to the Lord or us.

As a young mom, I was certain that my kids would behave properly. I convinced myself that if I parented well, my child would not do that. That was until I realized my faulty thinking. Why? Because they are children, and children aren’t perfect! The truth is, they are fully capable of doing things we never imagined.

The sooner we realize our children could and sometimes do wrong, the better we will be at parenting.

My Child Would Not Do THAT…

Here are a few unacceptable actions children might do:

  • Steal the candy bar from the grocery store
  • Lie to you with a straight face
  • Say mean and hurtful words to you and others
  • Make poor choices
  • Embarrass you with their actions

If you think your child is guilty of doing something that is not permissible or is accused of wrongdoing, I encourage you to pray and then consider the following ideas to resolve the matter while preserving your relationship.

Things to Consider

  • Don’t assume my child would not do that
  • Don’t overreact
  • Make the consequence fit the offense
  • Create appropriate consequence
  • Remember, children learn from their poor choices

Should you find yourself dealing with a child’s unwelcome behavior, deal with the situation and then move on. Don’t let your thoughts dwell on the matter longer than necessary. Your children will go in and out of phases throughout their childhood. Search for the godly attributes within your child and express those verbally. Remember them as a work in progress.

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My Child Would Not Do THAT - ETB #39