Full Healing After Marital Infidelity

Is it possible to have full healing after marital infidelity? That’s the question I’m asking my guests, Phil and Priscilla Fretwell. We have a transparent conversation about how, after twenty-eight years of betrayal and infidelity, God put a shattered marriage back together.

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Hiding Behind Perfection

When we live a life in secrecy, we often put on the appearance of perfection. Hiding behind perfection can inflict profound damage, both internally and externally. On a personal level, the relentless pursuit of flawlessness often leads to feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and self-doubt as individuals strive to maintain an unattainable facade. This constant pressure to appear faultless can erode one’s sense of self-worth and authenticity.

The illusion of perfection can strain relationships, breeding resentment and mistrust as loved ones struggle to connect with someone who seems untouchable. Ultimately, the damage wrought by hiding behind perfection extends beyond the individual, permeating the fabric of their relationships and corroding the foundation of genuine human connection.

Healing can’t begin without pulling back the curtain and being honest and transparent with your spouse.

Full Healing Starts with Transparency

God sends us a lifeline to get through the broken trust, anger, and disbelief. “Whatever It Takes Ministries” is a lifeline many couples use to get through the shame, guilt, and pain of infidelity.

I don’t believe it’s possible to achieve freedom and healing without the help of the Lord, humility, commitment, and spiritual intimacy. You must run to the pain, not away from it.

I pray you will be encouraged by this episode! ~Connie

About Phil and Priscilla Fretwell

Phil and Priscilla Fretwell are the co-founders of Savage Marriage Ministries, equipping couples to overcome wounds of their past to find forgiveness, experience freedom, and embrace hope for the future. They are also authors of Savage Marriage: Triumph over Betrayal and Sexual Addiction and Savage Marriage Small Group Study Guide: Overcome Your Past. Fight for Your Future.

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Full Healing After Marital Infidelity