Advent for Busy Moms

Advent means the arrival of a notable person or event.

Becoming a mother brought the advent of a child, unique and bearing the fingerprint of God, who would change how we walked the path of this life.

It’s a glorious reflection of that fingerprint, in the heart of each child and very much present in ourselves, that draws us into the Advent season. Remembering how our Savior, humble in His arrival, was born to a very young, inexperienced but totally obedient mother who could only marvel at that path which had been put before her. Immanuel – God with us, quietly resting against His mother. The Savior of the world with only a manger for a bed.

To ponder that is to wonder at His great love, and it should truly leave us breathless and in awe.

As we march through the raising and discipling of our children, we sometimes lose that wonder. The advent of adventures into the beautiful, the difficult, and the often seemingly mundane become our motherhood journey. We become busy. The hurried and harried pulse of our society pushes us through a season filled with gatherings, commitments, and constant rushing.

We forget to be still.

Have you found yourself dreading all the activities? Sure that if you hear the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy one more time you might snap? Have you, perhaps, been more Grinch than grace when you look at your calendar?

Friend, I have been there, too. It is so hard to ignore all the noise. And if we are not vigilant, it will drown out our call to sit in wonder at the feet of Jesus during this precious time of the year.

Winter is a dark season, meant for rest and restoration. It is fitting, then, that while the trees and flowers are slowing down to prepare for new growth that we, too, are called to do the same.

christmas coffee with mom

An Advent Challenge

This year, choose to make your Advent season one of beauty. I challenge you to do these 4 simple things to help you be more present, more in wonder, and more rested and refreshed when December 26th rolls around.

  1. If you feel overwhelmed looking at your calendar, cancel some things. The margin of our lives is precious and should be protected. That time that is unplanned and unrushed is the time for connection with our family, with our hobbies, with our friends, and with our Savior. Leave yourself space to breathe. Yes, it is difficult. But you will be so very glad you did, and so will your family.
  2. Schedule your daily time in the Scripture. There are many Advent reading plans out there. Check YouVersion, Amazon, or if you like handicrafts and creating, join us for A Homespun Hallelujah. Whatever study you choose, make it a priority. This time of reflection will help keep the hum-bugs away.
  3. Don’t focus on the stuff. Don’t let the holidays leave you in debt. Make memories with your family (free), create gifts for your friends (almost free), and a pre-Christmas clean out will do everyone good (less stuff means less to clean). Stuff tears up and you can’t take it with you and neither can anyone else.
  4. Wonder. Let go of your grownup ways and allow yourself to truly wonder at the miracle of the Advent of Christ as a Baby and the return of Christ the King. Praise, worship, sing, dance, and even bake to His glory this year.

May your Advent be filled with grace and the glory of God.


Lara is the saved-by-grace and fueled-by-coffee homeschool mom behind Everyday Graces Homeschool and the creator of The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans and A Gentle Advent resources for families. Lara’s passion is to help homeschool mamas not grow weary in well-doing. Follow Lara on Facebook and Instagram for encouragement, laughter, and homeschool help.