Let me help you raise your teens with confidence and joy.

Download this free chapter from Connie’s latest book.

Let me help you raise your teens with confidence and joy.

Download this free chapter from Connie’s latest book.

Let me help you raise your teens with confidence and joy.

Download this free chapter from Connie’s latest book.

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Create A Rich Relationship With Your Teen

Ranked #1 in Amazon in Parenting Teenagers: Parenting Beyond The Rules by Connie Albers

Parenting a teen can be exasperating. It’s an immense privilege and a daunting responsibility to prepare a child for adulthood. Your masterpiece-in-the-making craves independence while desperately (and sometimes secretly) needing you to guide his or her unique strengths, talents, and personality.

Many parents only offer rules that may have worked better at younger ages. Now more than ever, your teen needs your time, heart, conversations, and love.

In Parenting beyond the Rules, discover how to paint a canvas that will be enjoyed over a lifetime: a relationship with your unique and wonderful teen. Are you ready to pick up your brush with confidence?

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To be the best parent, you have to be the best you. Wisdom from a mom who has been there to those who are still in the hands on parenting game.


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“Hopeful, practical ideas you can use this week to have the relationship with your child you’ve always wanted.”

Kara Powell, PhD, executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute and coauthor of Growing Young

“Her wise words will give you hope, fill your heart with joy, and help you improve your relationship with your teen. I will reread this guide year after year as I walk through the teenage years with my four boys.“

Erin Chase, author of the $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook


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“Connie has packed a lifetime of wisdom and experience into Parenting beyond the Rules. Every parent will find golden nuggets of actionable intel from the front lines of parenting. Don’t just read it . . . USE IT!“

Rick Green, founder of Patriot Academy

Mom Mentoring

Mentors, sometimes intentionally – often unknowingly, plant seeds of wisdom in the hearts of others.

They teach with their lives. They are natural nurturers. Their very existence causes us to consider our own existence and to ponder the path of our feet.

Mentors are heart shapers and life changers – not necessarily because they walk through a book with someone for a few weeks, but because they walk through life with someone for a season.

In a world where young women desperately need to experience Titus 2 in real life, mentors are often hard to find. Perhaps not because women are unwilling, but maybe because many feel unworthy, unqualified, unprepared and are just afraid to put themselves out there. Many shy away from the obvious maternal mandate because they lack the tools, the time or the support to feel like they can effectively mentor others.

In the grander scheme of things, we’re all mentors – and we’re all mentees. We’re all in a place where we are either influencing someone else or someone else is influencing us.

But what does it really take to be a Titus 2 type of mentor?