Parents vs Educators: Who Knows Your Child Best? – ETB #163

A news outlet recently asked me to talk about the boom in homeschooling. Why is there such a surge of parents choosing to homeschool their kids? I’m a little surprised they couldn’t see the answer based on the news they are reporting. My kids are grown and having kids of their own, but I’m even more passionate about homeschooling now than I was years ago when I was homeschooling my own kids. It’s important that you as a parent find your voice in the midst of the noise of this struggle with educators. Who knows your child best? You? Or an educator?

Parents vs Educators: Who Knows Your Child Best? - ETB #163

My passion for homeschooling started because I wanted a close family and figured I could teach them the basics just as well as the public school could. My perspective on why to homeschool has changed over the years. Now, it’s more about families. I care about families and our nation. I see the design and purpose for which God created families.

Those who hold the purse strings of the American educational system do not want dissenting opinions. They don’t want your children to be able to compete in the global marketplace. There is a dumbing down of America in process and yet educators and administrators have the audacity to tell parents that they don’t know what they are doing when it comes to educating their own children. They assert that they are the ones who know your child best.

You Know Your Child Best!

My advice to you as the parent is this: Don’t accept it when you’re told you don’t have a voice in your child’s education! You as the parent are the one who knows your child best!

When a wedge is driven between parents and children, our children become fair game for any ideology that anyone wants to teach them. The reality is that God gave you your children and they are your responsibility to teach and train. There’s an army of folks who are against you and don’t believe that parents are or should be the primary influence on their child’s life.

We are told to shut up and go along, but the reality is that it is your job to be the primary influence in your child’s life. I’m sure that many of us don’t speak because we don’t want to be targeted. Please, don’t abdicate this role in your child’s life! You are enough for your kids. Again, you are the one who knows your child best! Most of parenting is figuring out what you’re going to do in any given situation. What is best for your child? What is best for your family? God shows you the way.

Hold onto this: You’re going to get it right more than an educator who sees your child a limited number of hours a week during the school year. It’s not about perfection. It’s about God’s design for the family and knowing that you’re equipped by God to be the parent your child needs.

What can you do? You can decide now what the priority is for your family. Keep your focus there. We want our children to want to be with us and spend time with us as they get older but these strong relationships must be built now while they are kids, before they leave your home.

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Parents vs Educators: Who Knows Your Child Best? - ETB #163