Back to School: Easing Anxiety for Both You and Your Child

Going back to school can be a fun time for many kids, but it can also be stressful. Adjusting to a new schedule and preparing for the school year, along with a new teacher and classroom, can be overwhelming for the entire family, especially when kids are younger. Parents might also be worried about paying for all the supplies and getting everyone ready in the morning.

Back to school tips

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Back to School: Easing Anxiety
for Both You and Your Child

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a stressful undertaking. Getting organized before school starts will go a long way toward getting your family ready for the new school year, so it’s important to start gathering supplies, work out a routine for everyone, and think about what will make your life easier in the mornings as soon as possible. This might include creating a space for your children to keep their backpacks and shoes, laying out clothing the night before, and preparing lunches ahead of time.  Keep reading to find out how you can ease anxiety on the first day of school and beyond for everyone in the household.


Getting organized is a major key to ensuring everyone has a great school year. From creating a quiet, distraction-free place where kids can do their homework to set up a spot to lay out the next day’s outfit, backpack, and shoes, preparing ahead of time will give you peace of mind and make the mornings go much more smoothly for the entire family. Enlist your children to help prepare. When it’s a team effort, it’s a habit that’s likely to stick.

With all that extra preparation, it could even lead to a smoother morning.

Start the Mornings Right

Mornings can be tough on everyone when school starts, but if you have a plan for breakfast and get the household on a good routine, things will be much easier. Waking up early may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but it will allow your kids to have enough time to eat breakfast and get ready without having to rush. You can also prepare a breakfast casserole or make ham and egg biscuits the night before to ensure everyone has protein to start the day off right.

Get a Good Deal

Buying school supplies can be a massive undertaking, especially if you have more than one child. The shopping bill will add up as you pile notebooks, crayons, markers, and backpacks into the cart, but if you plan ahead, you can save a lot of money. By buying in bulk, downloading store apps that will save money on certain purchases, and looking for online deals, cashback opportunities, and coupons, you can ensure that back-to-school shopping is stress-free.

Of course, one of the most difficult expenditures is the computer. At some point, older children will need their own computer to facilitate studying and required papers. If your child needs a new computer this year, do yourself a favor and check out reviews to find the best kid-friendly laptop. It also helps to determine all the ways your child will use the computer, which can inform your decisions on software, security programs, and necessary features.

Create an Area for Homework

It can’t be said enough: Giving your kids a distraction-free zone to do their homework will help prevent anxiety and allow them to focus on the job at hand. Separate the workspace from any play areas and make sure there is adequate lighting and a comfy spot to sit in; this will ensure your little ones can get their work done on time without unnecessary stress.

Getting everyone ready for a new school year will take some time and patience, but with a good plan and a little preparation from all involved, you and your family can reduce stress and anxiety and simply enjoy the process. Get your family on a good routine — including a set bedtime — so that everyone will get enough rest. This is critical for young people and will help them focus and perform better in school and beyond.