Rooted Homeopathy: Bridging Faith and Wellness with Amanda Pelser – ETB #180

Get ready for a few tears with this episode! I finally convinced my podcast editor to join me on the show. It’s part thank you and part farewell as she moves on to what God has for her in this next season of her life. Amanda and I have known each other for over 10 years, worked together in several ways over the years, and have become great friends over that time. She helped me launch the Equipped To Be Podcast and do a lot of other technical stuff behind the scenes with the support of her husband Josh and their company The Pelsers Media. After battling chronic illness for many years and overcoming through much prayer, research, and the use of homeopathy, she has now launched Rooted Homeopathy, LLC to help other moms find wellness breakthroughs and care for their families in a natural, Biblical way by using homeopathy.

Rooted Homeopathy: Bridging Faith and Wellness with Amanda Pelser - ETB #180

Disclaimer: Amanda is not a doctor or licensed medical professional. Nothing stated is meant to diagnose or treat disease. Amanda is educating you on the specialized area of homeopathic remedies and their possible uses for wellness support.

In this episode Amanda and I discuss:

  • Background on how we met and our friendship
  • Amanda’s health journey story through chronic health issues to find diagnoses
  • What is medical “gaslighting”?
  • How Amanda found homeopathy and used it to regain her wellness
  • How do faith, the Bible, and homeopathy intersect?
  • Being content to use education and experiences for discipling her children if for nothing else
  • The road to starting Rooted Homeopathy
  • How God gives us gifts and talents to use for His glory
  • Wellness consults and study groups offered at Rooted Homeopathy
  • Encouragement to take charge of your own health
Amanda Pelser and Connie Albers

I hope you found encouragement and hope in Amanda’s story and testimony!

About Amanda Pelser

Amanda Pelser is a wife, mom of four boys, RVer, and aspiring homesteader. Amanda’s journey to natural and alternative health education began with poor experiences with allopathic/conventional medicine. She had to take responsibility for her own health when doctors failed her. She’s tackled her own autoimmune conditions and the acute and chronic wellness care of her own family using homeopathy.

Her use of homeopathy began around 2013. She used homeopathy for acute care and began to research and study classical homeopathy independently. Over time, Amanda desired to learn how to use homeopathy for chronic wellness. In 2019, she discovered and began to study Practical Homeopathy® through courses from Joette Calabrese.

Desiring to learn more and serve others with this knowledge, Amanda obtained her PHom and is a Certified Practical Homeopath through the Academy of Practical Homeopathy®. She has also completed Lotus Wellness Cottage Certifications (the program established by the late Dr. Robin Murphy) in Home Use Home Homeopathy (H.Hom) and a certificate in Planetary Bioenergetics. Always a student, she is currently pursuing the C.Hom and I.Hom certifications at Lotus. She now offers personalized wellness consults for acute and chronic concerns and teaches others how to use homeopathy through Rooted Homeopathy.

Amanda also has a BA in Bible and MA in Old Testament Studies and is uniquely equipped to address the intersection of faith and the use of homeopathy. As a homeschooling mom of over 13 years, she also has a passion for teaching homeopathy and natural wellness to kids.

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Rooted Homeopathy: Bridging Faith and Wellness with Amanda Pelser - ETB #180